Babies Are Terrible! Here Are The Top 5 Non Contact Baby Thermometers To Keep Them Happy


Make Life Easier With These Non Contact Baby Thermometers

Babies and children can be challenging.  They’re indecisive, stubborn, ruthless, belligerent, manipulative, condescending, irrational, sensitive, temperamental, mental, delirious, callow, uncooperative, jaded, ornery, and many other unpleasant emotions.  And knowing that they are all of these, it’s vital to check their vitals with a non contact thermometer.

Imaging this scenario: you have an ailing child.  He or she is resting, complaining of a cold or fever.  He finally goes to sleep.  And you, as the concerned parent, feel compelled to know what their temperature is on a minute-by-minute basis.

You don’t want to probe him with a rectal thermometer.  And you certainly don’t want to smush a forehead thermometer against his temple.  So these non contact, baby thermometers serve as the best option.

You can sneak into your child’s room, and put him in the cross hairs, and fire that laser onto his forehead.  The thermal radiation emitted from the child will correspond with the laser, causing it to react in a specific way that will cause the laser to trigger a temperature reading.

But there are a surplus of non contact baby thermometers on the market.  Each one boasting similar features, but all of them boating unique features that try to set them apart from the pack.  So we’ve tested and observed many thermometers, and have concluded that these are the top 5 non contact baby thermometers currently available on the market:

#1. Occo Baby No Contact Baby Thermometer

baby thermometer
Occo Baby Keeps Baby Happy.  Whether you’re dealing with an incompatible toddler, or a screaming baby, you can help keep them calm without invading their personal space.  And Occobaby help accomplish this with its non contact feature.

With an easy interface, large LCD screen, and back light, any concerned parent or guardian can see temperatures in the dark.  So you can sneak around the house like a cat burglar, taking anyone’s temperature, without anyone knowing they’ve been diagnoses.

Additionally, the Occo baby can record more than children’s temperatures.  Use it on their bath water, their food, the pavement they might be walking barefoot on, etc.  Temperature plays a key component in our day to day lives.  So you might as well get a holster, and strap this sucker to your hip.

#2. SimpleLife’s Best Selling No Contact Thermometer

simple life baby thermometer

SimpleLife’s Top Selling Thermometer is an excellent non contact baby thermometer.  Contrary to what the picture implies, it’s a dual mode thermometer.  You can use it as a forehead thermometer, or a non contact thermometer.

The benefit of using the forehead feature is that it will compute a more accurate internal temperature.  Now, it won’t be too much different compared to the non contact mode.  But, when you’re baby or toddler is screaming bloody murder due to illness, you’ll want to make sure you have the most accurate information, so that you can make the best decision for your child.

But in addition to the dual mode capability, this thermometer also offers clinically proven reliable results.  After being compared to the probe thermometers at the hospitals, SimpleLife’s non contact thermometer offered comparable results, that will give any parent the comfort of knowing they’re recieving accurate results.

Additionally, SimpleLife’s Non Contact thermometer offers a fever alert warning.  There’s a specific temperature range that’s appropriate for each stage in life.  And it’s not common for parents to know what the range for a toddler compared to a newborn.  So SimpleLife has the range preprogrammed on its computer.  And if that temperature reaches concerning highs, SimpleLife will release an alert to make the parent aware that the child’s or baby’s temperature is in a fever range.

#3. Metene’s Fast & Accurate Digital Baby Thermometer

metene digital non-contact infrared baby thermometer
Metene’s Fast & Accurate infrared non contact thermometer is not only FDA approved, but also extremely affordable.  But the FDA approval is a significant seal of approval.  First, it demonstrated Metene’s meticulous focus on providing accurate results.  When this unit expels its laser beam onto the child, it will collect the thermal radiation.

And once that thermal radiation is gathered, the temperature will be computed by the internal mother board.  And then that accurate temperature will be displayed on the large LCD screen, so that the parent can instantly know how his or her child is feeling.

And all of this requires only 1 second.  The Metene Non Contact baby thermometer is renowned for its instant and accurate results, so that the parent can be informed sooner, rather than later on their child’s condition.

#4. Ankovo’s FDA Approved No Contact Baby Thermometer

ankovo baby thermometer
Ankovo’s In with The FDA.  And it’s not because they’re throwing them kick backs.  It’s because their equipment is worth the endorsement.

Firstly, every parent knows that when their child is sick, they’re going to take many temperature readings.  And between all of these readings, it’s easy to lose track of what the child’s temperature was the previous reading.

So Ankovo has every worrisome parent in mind when they installed a temperature reading memory bank.  Basically, their non contact thermometer will retain the previous 20 readings.  So when you’re taking your child’s temperature for the 100th time in the past 24 hours, you’ll atleast have a log to refer back to, to see if your child is improving.

Additionally Anokovo’s non contact thermometer comes with a fever warning.  If you begin to experience tunnel vision, or start to become delusional due to the excessive amount of temperature taking, then this unit will alert you when you’re not in the best mind set.  And not only will it alert you, but you can pre-program it with what temperature you’re specifically looking for.

New-borns and toddlers need to have different temperature readings.  So depending on the are of the child, you’ll want to adjust the temperature alert, so that you’re not getting false alarms.

But overall the Ankovo is one of the best non contact thermometers available on the market.

#5. Dr. Madre’s Talking No Contact Thermometer

dr madre non contact forehead thermometer
Dr. Madre’s Speaking Thermometer might be recognized for being vocal.  However, it’s more than a loud mouth thermometer.  It offers all the non invasive features that you’d expect from a no contact children’s thermometer.

It has a large LCD screen, that promptly displays the temperature.  And there’s no need to wait for that temperature reading, because it’ll display in less that 1 second.  So just put your kid in the cross hairs, aim, and fire.  Because you’ll have the temperature reading quickly.

But not only is Dr. Madre’s speaking thermometer a world class device, it also comes with a 2 year warranty.  This warranty is Dr. Madre putting its money where its mouth is.  So in case there’s something screwy, or if it malfunctions, then Dr. Madre will cough up another unit.  So put that in your pipe and smoke it, and get your child one of the best infrared thermometers on the market.

Keep Your Children Safe and Happy with These Non-Invasive Thermometers

So there it is.  Our 5 favorite non contact baby thermometers.  So the next time you’re dealing with a screaming, aching child, that will not cooperate, you can rest easy knowing that any one of the non contact thermometers will make your life easier, and help you improve your child’s life at the same time.