Here Are The Top 5 Javelin Meat Thermometers


best javelin meat thermometers

Your culinary skills are in jeopardy if you’re not using a cooking thermometer.  And although you might be old school, and think that sticking your finger in the pot roast is a good indicator, you’re never going to get accurate results without an actual cooking thermometer.  

But where to begin?  That’s a great question.  Because there are numerous cooking thermometers on the market, and making a decision can be a little challenging.  However, we’re going to make this simple, by assuming that if you’re reading this article, then you’re probably looking these 3 qualities:

  1. It’s basic – no bells and whistles
  2. It’s easy to use – no configuring or refiguring emissivity
  3. It’s inexpensive

And there are many cooking and meat thermometers that fall outside of these parameters.  But there is one thermometer, in particular, that fits perfectly into these guide lines: the javelin thermometer.

And I’m sure you could have guessed that those were thermometers I was alluding to.  But without further adieu, here are the top 5 javelin thermometers for your cooking and kitchen needs:


LavaTools Javelin Instant Meat Thermometer

LavaTools has a nice kitchen thermometer product line.  And many of these products will make an appearance on this list.  But PT12 javelin thermometer earns the first mention on this list for some very important reasons.

Firstly, it’s fast.  In less than 4 seconds after penetrating that meat slab, you’ll get quick and accurate readings on their large digital display.  And any chef knows that speed is critical in the kitchen.

But not only will you receive fast readings, you’ll recieve those fast readings on the unit’s 1.4″ LCD display.  This will help you get easy-to-read temp readings, which will help you perform faster in the kitchen.

But one of the best features is that’s it’s splash proof.  This is great to help you prevent cross contamination between meat products, by allowing you to wash the thermometer.  But it’s great because you never know when you’re going to come across a splattering dish.


Samsali Digital Javelin Meat Thermometer

The Samsali Javelin meat thermometer earns a place on our list for many reasons.  But the most notable reason is the price.  For less than $15, you earn the rights to possess this javelin meat thermometer.  That’s $10 less than the LavaTool meat thermometer.  And what’s wild, is that Samsali’s device offers many similar features.

Its readings are delivered in seconds.  And those readings are also displayed on a large, LCD screen, which makes it easy getting accurate information.

It has other, common features, like being washable, and having a fold-able probe.  But what really helps this javelin thermometer pop is the ebook, and the temperature chart it has directly embedded on the unit.

And because of all these excellent features, we’re proud to include Samsali on our list.


Alpha Grillers Javelin Meat Thermometer

It takes some guts calling your thermometer the alpha product.  However, when you have a specific set of features, then you can understand why a product would be courageous enough to make the claim.  And Alpha Grillers have some impressive features.

Their javelin meat thermometer offers the standard features: large LCD screen, instant readings, and a splash proof design.  But one feature that they added is a magnetic back.  This magnetic makes it easier storing the device against the refrigerator, or any other type of ferrous metal.

And not only is Alpha Grillers making it easy to store their device, but they’re also making it easier for you to perform in the kitchen.  The device comes with each meat’s internal temperature recommendations printed on the shell.  So you don’t have to flip through your phone, trying to find the ideal temperature for your meal.

They also make calibration easy.  When a unit gets banged around too many times in a drawer or inside a dish washer, then that thermometer can loose its ability to provide accurate results.  Which is a defect in most other thermometers.  But not for an alpha.


ThermoPro Javelin Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro is an up and coming company that’s put a lot of attention to detail into their thermometer product line.  From wireless thermometers, to digital, ThermoPro has pieced together a nice collection, that can service any level of culinary talents.

And when it comes to javelin thermometers, they certainly pieced together a nice product.  And you can read our thorough review here.  But if you want the nitty gritty, then let it be known that this ThermoPro unit is the number 1 best seller.  And for good reason.

Firstly, it does offer everything you should be expecting from a javelin thermometer: temperature readings in a few short seconds, folding probe, and splash proof.  But one other feature that gives ThermoPro the bump to the #2 position is its warranty.

ThermoPro puts so much care and detail into their products, that they offer a 5 year warranty.  So just in case you get the faulty device with the misaligned probe, or the unit that isn’t calibrated properly, or the unit that falls and breaks, you can breath easy knowing that this device insured by a warranty.


LavaTools Javelin PRO Backlit Meat Thermometer

I mentioned that LavaTools would be mentioned more than once on this list.  And it just so happens that they own the top spot in our top performing javelin thermometer countdown.

But one thing you might notice is the price.  And it’s not exactly inexpensive compared to the other thermometers.  Sitting at $49.95, you’re probably demanding to know how it can justify that price.  But it does offer some nice features that you won’t find on the other units.

The backlit LCD screen is the most noticeable.  It offers nice, bright readings, so that you can collect your facts while you cook.  But not only are those readings illuminated, they can also be read from multiple directions, because this device is ambidextrous.  So whether you’re right handed or left handed, you can maneuver this thermometer in any direction, and the readings will still display in the proper order, so that you’re not twisting your head or neck to try and position yourself.

Additionally, you’ll get a stabilizer alert.  Having steady hands is important, because it gives the unit enough time to calculate the readings.  And this unit will let you know if you’re not keeping steady.

But my favorite feature is the anti-fog display.  This anti-fog display is ideal when cook soups, or stew, or anything else that’s pumping out steam like a hot vent.  And when the display wicks away that fog, you can continue to get your readings, without the worry of ruining a meal.