ThermoPro TP07 Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer for BBQ Over


ThermoPro TP07 Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer for BBQ Over


              • Pro: Wireless Thermometer with up to 300′ Range
              • Pro: Probe Comes With a Lifetime Warrenty
              • Pro: Color Coded Smart LCD Screen
              • Pro: Pre-programmed with Desired Meat Temperature Settings

Unless you’ve been living in a closet, you should know by now that ThermoPro has a pretty remarkable line of thermometers.  Not only are they favorably reviewed by thousands of customers, they are the undisputed top sellers.  The ThermoPro TP07 wireless digital cooking thermometer is no different.

But since you’re an avid reader on the most up-to-date thermometer news, I’ll take a leap of faith and assume that you’re fully aware of ThermoPro’s thermometer line up.

And a part of that lineup includes ThermoPro’s TP07.  Digital and wireless go hand in hand.  But historically, they don’t go hand in hand with thermometers.  Which is why ThermoPro is such an exciting organization.  The ThermoPro TP07 is specifically designed with wireless capabilities, so that you’re not locked down to the oven or fire grill while you cook a fresh slab of meat.

First, utilize the step-down probe design.  The ergonomic shape allows the probe to access better penetration and placement within the meat.  This better positioning give the end user the chance to secure a more accurate reading, allowing for a better end product; savory meat.

But not only is it ergonomically sound, but the probe includes a lifetime warranty.  So just in case you’re rolling through a drunken stupor, and find yourself trying to probe a cinder block, rest assured that ThermoPro is so confident that your drunken stupors won’t be re-occuring, that they’ll offer a free probe to compensate the one your foolishly broke.  But I’m sure you’ll do your best to prove them wrong that your drunken stupors will happen more frequently.

But after you’ve probed your meat, feel free to evacuate the area.  But not because your terrible cooking skills have caused a fire.  But because this unit has extended range up to 300 feet.  So if you need to vacuum the house, feel free to pull out the Dirt Devil.  Or if you have some online shopping to conduct, feel free to scope out some coupons, and visit  Whatever chores you have, this wireless probe will give you the opportunity to get them done, while you start cooking the meat on the grill.

And fear not about getting too distracted with those other chores that you can gleefully get completed while you cook.  Because the wireless monitor comes pre-programmed with temperature settings for each type of meat.  And not only are those meat temperatures pre-programmed, this unit is also designed to alert you with color coded alerts through its smart LCD screen.

Basically, the ThermoPro 07 starts with a modest olive background.  Nothing too fancy, and certainty nothing to solicit excitement.  But, depending on what meat you’re cooking, as the internal temperature starts to rise, it’ll turn blue when it gets within 20 degrees F.  And then, as the temperature continues to rise, it’ll turn bright green when it gets to be within 10 degrees F.  But once it’s at the temperature that you need for your specified meat, the smart LCD screen will begin to flash red, assuring that no matter what chore or extracurricular activity you’re doing, you’ll be able to tend to your meal in time before it burns.


But It’s Not All Fun And Games…

Digital thermometers have grown in popularity, in the kitchen, the nursery, and even the industrial facility.  However, although their digital versitility has given them a spring board into popularity, there is a compromise with that improved accessibility.  And that compromise is usually accuracy.

It is true that ThermoPro’s TP07 thermometer has outperformed most of the digital thermometers on the market.  However, it is not immune to the common plague of inaccuracies.  It does disclose that there is a plus/minus differential of 5 degrees F of accuracy.  However, if you read through the reviews and comments, then you’ll see that that disclosure may not be wide enough.

But those issues may be due to the connectivity issues between the remote monitor and the actual thermometer.  But that thermometer could also be experiencing technical issues due to the accuracy of the probe.

Now, it is true that ThermoPro offers a life long warranty for the probe.  But how convenient is it to call customer support.  Wait 5-7 days to receive the new probe in the mail, only to have to go through the same process in another 4-5 months.  For that amount of hassle, you might be better off just sticking your finger into the steak you’re trying to prepare.

Additionally, the unit takes 2 AA batteries.  And if you know anything about batteries, this isn’t too much juice.  Considering that advancement of power, why not make it rechargable?  This would make the unit much more tech friendly and impressive.  But instead, we’re stuck changing out the batteries like a dirty diaper every few days.

Overall, the ThermoPro TP07 Wireless Digital Thermometer is an excellent option for any cooking outdoors, or anyone trying to avoid steak-sitting for a part of their day.  But if you are looking for a respectable, affordable, and reasonably accurate thermometer, then this will be the best bang for your buck.