ThermoPro TP03A Digital Cooking Thermometer Review


ThermoPro TP03A Digital Cooking Thermometer


              • Pro: Temperature REadings in 4-7 Seconds
              • Pro: 10″ in length to keep you hand out of the heat
              • Pro: Wide Cooking Range from -58°F to 572°F
              • Pro: Comes with a 5 year Warrenty

When it comes to cooking thermometers, ThermoPro has reigned champion.  They offer hi-tech digital thermometers and wireless thermometers.  But they even cater to the traditional type with a javelin meat thermometer.  But even though traditional, they still managed to make it digital.  

ThermoPro TP03A Digital Cooking Thermometer

Cooking enthusiasts have a difficult time ignoring the javelin thermometer.  It’s simple to use; just plunge it into the slab of meat, and wait for the readings.  And it’s easy to clean.  They are typically waterproof; which they should be so that they can easily be washed.

But with all the tech spreading like a Bubonic plague, it can be challenging to justify such an archaic addition to your kitchen utensils.  But since ThermoPro has grounded itself as the premier manufacturer of cooking thermometers, it’s easy to skip the time machine, and add their best selling javeling thermometer to your cooking line up.

The TP03A digital cooking thermometer is digital.  Duh.  But it’s not your fancy pants, wireless thermometers that can give you readings from another room.  Instead, this is a very basic, hands on, hand held, bare minimum, leave-the-jokes-with-the-doorman type of thermometer.

But even though it lacks the flash, it still offers an excellent amount of features to keep your cooking reputation at the peak of their game.

Here’s How She Handles…

top javelin thermometer

Firstly, in javelin fashion, this thermometer has a retractable probe.  This probe locks in place using hinged button.  Simply press the button to unlock the probe, and it will rotate 180° degrees, to extend a full 10″.  This gives the user ample space to keep him out of harms way when probing the meat.

javelin meat thermometer

The actual probe is made from stainless steel; increasing the product’s longevity.  And the end of the probe tapers into a thin tip.  This emaciated tip allows for easier penetration in tougher meats.  But let’s be honest; if your meat is tough then you’re probably not chef material.

The stainless steel probe is attached to electrodes, that feed the meat’s thermal radiation through the stainless steel probe, to the electrodes.  Those electrodes then react a specific way, depending on the temperature of the meat.  And that temperature will react with the in-house computer, offering a reading through the LCD screen.

And what’s great about this LCD screen is that it’s big and bright, offering the user an easy-to-read temperature.

And if you’re a science geek who loves taking the temperature, subtracting 32, and multiplying it by 0.55 to get the Celsius reading, then you might like to know that there’s an easy button on the back that will do the calculating for you.  Just press the microbutton, and the LCD screen will adjust the reading to reflect the Celsius reading, or the Fahrenheit reading.

This Bad Boy is Water Proof

The title says it all.  But maybe we can dive into some of the specifics.  But yes, The ThermoPro javelin thermometer is water proof.  Which is perfect for a meat thermometer.

If you’re from planet earth, then there’s a good chance you understand that cross-contamination is a serious issue.  And if you’re from outta this world then here’s what you need to know.  Cross-contamination is when you have illness-causing bacteria spread from your raw meat, onto your other foods. This is typically how people get sick from e.coli, or salmonella.  And when you’re constantly probing meat, checking to see if it’s been thoroughly cooked, there’s a good chance you’ll be helping spread that bacteria like butter.

Which is why it’s so important to wash this unit.  Which is also why it’s so beneficial that it’s waterproof.  The casing has an air-tight seal, that prevents water from entering the computer board.  Additionally, the casing on the back seals the battery house firmly, so that water cannot come in contact with the terminals.

And there’s other preventive methods to help ensure your unit remains water-tight.  But those methods encroach on some patents.  So we’ll be unable to actually dig up and present that information.

Warrant This…

ThermoPro has worked hard to build its reputation around quality and accuracy.  All of their devices come with a warranty, and this javelin thermometer is no exception.  If it breaks, becomes faulty, or if water does manage to find its way into the mother board, then you can send your defected unit back, and expect a brand new unit.

ThermoPro’s warranty is a dedication to their trusted products.  It shows that they stand behind their units and thermometers, knowing that if they fail to operate, they owe the customer the decency to replace the broken unit free of charge.

But let’s also keep things in perspective.  A $10 thermometer isn’t too big of a deal.  And I’m sure ThermoPro is banking on the idea that the customer will most likely consider buying a new unit, before going through the hassle of sending in the broken device, and try to get a replacement.  But to each his own.

But There Are Some Flaws…

Was it mentioned that this unit has a warranty?

Because one common complaint is that the plastic is not very durable.  Fish-Price knows how to make durable plastic.  But ThermoPro doesn’t seem to make its javelin meat thermometer with durable plastic.

Users have reported the hinge on the folding probe breaks easily.  I’m not sure if the users aren’t using it properly.  But then again, I’m not sure how difficult it is to unfold the probe.  And others have reported that the unit can go bonkers if dropped.  I’m not sure what they mean by bonkers but it doesn’t sound good.

Overall ThermoPro’s TP03A is Stellar…

There’s not a lot of room for debate.  With a 4.5 star rating, and a pretty dominate approval rating, ThermoPro has done it again, but this time with its javelin meat thermometer.  Between its easy-to-use design, accuracy, and fast results, users have expressed pleasure for having this weapon in their kitchen arsenal.

But don’t be so passive.  For only $10, it’s worth trying on your own.  Assuming that you’ve cooked before.  And if you haven’ cooked before, then learning how to cook would be a good place to start, before considering any meat or cooking thermometers.