Get Your Paws on These Thermal Cameras to Help Prevent Electrical Problems


Here are 5 Thermal Imagers to Help Identify Overheating or Problematic Electrical Panels

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Trying to maintain a facility’s electric is a monumental task.  And although it’s about as important as the purpose of personal thermometers, correcting any problem is a little more difficult.  Power outages, incorrect wiring, and equipment troubleshooting are just a few of the many things that can go wrong.  So when a tool comes along to help make electric work simpler, it’s beneficial to add that tool to every tool box.  And thermal imaging units are perfect tools for any electrical inspection.

When a panel box experiences high resistance, or excessive current, then that box or breaker can demonstrate abnormal heating.  And when a box begins to experience abnormal heating, then any maintenance personal will have a big problem to deal with down the road.

But that won’t be the case if that person has a thermal imaging unit.  These devices are equipped with germanium lenses, and sophisticated hardware that can detect the thermal output of its surroundings.  And when you use these thermal imaging devices on any electric box, you can see if any of the circuits or breakers are heating up.

But with the slew of thermal imaging devices on the market, it’s challenging to know which one will do best servicing your electric panel.  So here are 5 of the best thermal imaging devices to help you maintain your electrical box.

#1. Flir C2 Is Tough and Fits Right in Your Pocket

Being able to identify the hot electric boxes in your home is critical.  It can be the difference between a comfortable to a devastating fire.  So thermal imaging devices can be an exceptional tool for every homeowner, or home contractor.

flir c2 thermal imager

But the industrial grade thermal imagers can cost well over $1000.  So Flir’s C2 is an excellent tool to consider.

Coming in at a base price of $500, the C2 is an exceptional, pocket sized thermal imager.  Weighing less than 16 oz. this device can easily fit in a shirt pocket.  And not only is it easy to transport and store, but it offers and easy to use, touch screen interface.

But just because it’s little, doesn’t meant it’s lacking power.  It offers a full LED light, so you can illuminate what you’re trying to scan.

It’s 3″ display offers 320 x 240 of pixeled display.  While presenting Flir’s MSX technology, that intensifies the details in every picture, so you can know exactly what you’re seeing through the range of heat colors.

And it comes with an intense range of features that should give any home owner or home inspector the confidence that they can operate at full capacity in serving their home.

#2. Flir’s DM is designed to detect thermal and electrical problems with the built in multimeter

There’s a faster way to solve electrical problems.  And you can’t afford to work without it.

Here’s the Flir DM with IGM.  A true RMS digital multimeter designed with a built in thermal imager.

flir dm thermal

It’s impressive 160 x 120 resolution can easily guide the user towards the heat source, so that electrical problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

It can perform up to 18 measurement functions, offering trusted readings every time, no matter what electrical problem is being troubleshooted.

And even though there’s sensitive components built within this unit, it has been proven to be drop-resistant.  So no matter how high you’re working, the Flir DM is tough enough to withstand falls on hard surfaces.

And with quality input and output connectors, you can expect reliable readings from any of the 18 on-board measurements you’re trying to record.

Overall, for any facility expect trying to keep the electric running without problems, Flir’s DM is going to be one of the better options with it wide range of capabilities.

#3. Flir’s E Series is ergonomic and user friendly for fast thermal readings

These camares are excellent if you need a fast and effective way to share your thermal images with managers or customers.  Flir’s E Series connects to their free mobile app, which allows for easy presentation as you stream live video over wifi.

flir e series

The E Series also makes it easy to customize reports, and print them, so that you can keep your customer informed.

The large 3.5″ display has a simple, touch-screen interface, that allows you to customize what you’re imaging.  But incase you’re wearing safety gloves, the E Series comes with rubber buttons.

And just like every other Flir product, the E Series comes with MSX technology.  Which enhances the images with greater detail.

And the E Series is able to measure temperatures as high as 1200 degrees F, which offers greater accuracy and detail in the images.

Overall, the E Series is an exceptional thermal imaging unit, which will offer information quickly and accurately to any electrical worker.

#4. Fluke Makes Quality Thermal Imagers, and the TiS Models are Common Tools for Electricians

Not all thermal imagers are designed by Flir.  And Fluke is a quality brand that makes quality thermal imaging devices.

Fluke’s TiS is similar in design to Flir’s E Series.  It weighs a durable 6 pounds, and can take some punishment in industrial settings, passing a 2 meter drop test

But it offers an ergonomic handle, to counter the weight.

Fluke prides its TiS model for being a single-handed unit.  Meaning that you can point and shoot the thermal laser to acquire the thermal readings.

The TiS stores all images on an an SD card.  And with the help from Fluke’s free software, the user can design and create reports with the saves images.

Fluke proudly offers the largest thermal screen on the market, measuring 3.7″.

Overall, Fluke is well deserving of its awards and high reviews.  And any facility owner or electrician would be served well benefiting from this great unit.

#5. Flir’s C3 is a step above the C2 Model

Sometimes, it’s nice getting the next year’s model.  And that’s just what Flir’s C3 is.

Offering the same specifications and performance as the C2, this unit is an excellent thermal camera that would fit into your pocket.

And although it might be a little too snug for any large facility that’s dealing with 480v power, it is a perfect tool for home inspections, and home maintenance.

So don’t shrug at this thermal camera, just because it’s tiny.  Because it still offers an invaluable service, just like the other thermal cameras.

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