The Many Moods Of Industrial Thermometers


Finding the right industrial thermometer can be a challenge. Not because it’s hard to find industrial thermometers. But because each environment poses its own risks and challenges, which can only be mitigated by specific features and performance considerations.

So when considering which thermometer will provide the best service, it’s critical to ask yourself what you plan on using this thermometer for?  Will you be providing medical service to patients?  Or are you inspecting an malfunctioning HVAC unit?  Or quite possibly, the water isn’t getting hot enough to warm up the house.

There are many reasons why a contractor or physician or engineer would need an industrial thermometer.  But the reasons aren’t all the same.  Which is what makes thermometers so unique, knowing that each unit has a specific need for its application.

But since each situation is so unique, it’s can be challenging to know which type of thermometer will help that individual perform his or her duty at maximum capacity.  So here are 5 incredible industrial thermometers that are sure to help each professional perform the duty that their profession demands.

#1. Estink’s no contact infrared industrial thermometer is great for HVAC guys and gals.

industrial thermometer
This infrared thermometer serves many industrial purposes.  Imagine working around hot pipes.  Or envision an HVAC unit that’s on the fritz, but no one is sure if they should be touching it, due to safety issues.  And in those situations, an infrared thermometer is going to serve as the best tool.

Infrared thermometers have earned many other names.  Laser thermometer, no contact thermometer, and gun thermometer.  But regardless of what they’re called, you can use them all in the same method.  Aim, pull the trigger, and the laser will relay important data to the motherboard, which will compute that information into the temperature readings.

Infrared thermometers are great for getting the surface temperature of an object.  The laser reads the thermal radiation, which it them computes into the temperature.

So whether you’re an epoxy flooring contractor in Maryland, or an HVAC serviceman, these infrared thermometers will benefit you more than you could realize.

#2. Welch Allyn’s SureTemp Plus Offers Everything Hospital Workers Require from their Thermometers.

welch allyn personal probe thermometer
Welch Allyn is widely recognized and respected brand of thermometers in hospitals.  Due to its renowned accuracy, portability, and usability, these industrial grade thermometers have proven to be highly beneficial for physicians, nurses, and patients.

This probe thermometer can be used orally, auxiallary, or rectally.  And no matter where it’s being used, it typically takes about 6 seconds to compute the temperature.  Which is good considering probe thermometers take a few seconds longer than ear and forehead thermometers.

And this probe thermometer has disposable probe covers.  So after each reading, be sure to dispose the cover, to prevent cross contamination.

#3. This Water Test Meter Gauges Water Temperature and pH Levels.

industrial thermometer
Some industrial environments require constant water testing.  Or, if you’re the facility manager of a global theme park, then it would be good to know the PH level of the water at all times.  Adding too much chlorine to the water can throw off the PH, which can then make the water too irritable for human skin.  So this SelphBalance Thermometer and PH tester will help keep happy epidermises.

But going beyond the pool, this water tester can also be great for hydroponics, wastewater regulation, and water purification applications.  So this is designed to be used by more than life guards.

And let’s not forget that it’s also a savvy thermometer.  And it’s always a good idea to know the water temperature.

#4. Cooper-Atkins Stainless Steel Mountable Thermometer for Ovens

industrial thermometer
If you’re a national food facility, then chances are there will be plenty of industrial thermometers in the workplace.  From piping to water testing to HVAC.  High temperature liquids and gases will be flowing through a majority of the pipes.  But if you’re a food manufacturer, then there’s a good chance you’ll have multiple industrial ovens throughout the facility.

These ovens are key components, and knowing that they’re operating to the manufacturer’s specifications is vital for optimal output.  But incase their pre-installed thermometers fail, it’s good to know that there are alternatives, like this Cooper-Atkins stainless steel mountable thermometer.

It’s specifically designed for industrial ovens.  So any maintenance or facility manager will be relieved knowing that they have a back up industrial thermometer for any of their facility’s applications.  So anyone cooking pizzas can rejoice.

#5. Exergen’s TemporalScanner Artery Thermometer for Hospitals

industrial thermometer
Hospitals have every reason to need high-tech, industrial thermometers.  And Exergen has been known for delivering these high tech hospital thermometers.  And their artery thermometer is not different.

And one of the biggest upgrades that the TemporalScanner offers is the anti-microbial cover.  With all the harsh disinfectant chemicals hospital workers use on their equipment, it’s critical for hospital equipment to hold up to these damaging chemicals.

But aside from it’s renowned durability, the Exergen TAT5000 is also renowned for its accuracy.  These highly sensitive electronics have made it one of the most accurate temporal thermometers available for both consumers and professionals.  So whether you’re servicing a sick child, or an ill patient, Exergen is a reliable industrial thermometer for every day to day application.

But not only will its performance impress you, but the life-time warranty should ease any skepticism.  So whether it breaks on its own, or gets damaged due to a chaotic situation in a hospital, Exergen will back its product, by offering a completely new one.

Overall, these industrial thermometers will not serve as the best choices for all locations. Each environment has its own needs, and will demand a specific set of skills and qualities to justify its purpose.  The Cooper-Atkins stainless steel mountable thermometer will do no justice calculating the temperature of a sick patient.  Nor will the SelphBalance PH WAter Tester and Thermometer have any purpose trying determine how hot pipes are.

But no matter the application, the end user certainly has a need for durable, reliable, and accurate thermometers.  And even though there isn’t one unit that can handle each application, there is a very specific, customized thermometer, that is the perfect solution for every application.