The GrillEye Cooking Thermometer Is Equipped For Every BBQ Adventure


GrillEye BlueTooth Cooking Thermometer


        • Pro: Multiple Probe Ports to monitor several items
        • Pro: Has a range up to 300 feet
        • Pro: Both accurate and responsive
        • Pro: Best Selling Cooking Thermometer

Cooking thermometers have become a keystone tool in every culinary artist’s arsenal.  And for good reason.  When a party is eager to feast, the only desirable outcome is to fulfill their satisfaction.  However, when the dish is being served, it’s difficult to fulfill satisfactions when the meat is undercooked.  It’s also difficult to fulfill that satisfaction when the meat is overcooked.  There’s a happy medium that every chef is on a journey to discover, at the start of every meal.  And with the advent of the cooking thermometer, that journey has become much easier.

However, there are varying types of cooking thermometers.  Javelin meat thermometers are pretty popular due to their simple execution.  And oven thermometers have proven to be resourceful in a time of roasting’s.  And BBQ thermometers have proven to be invaluable due to the BBQ craze swarming across the nation.  But regardless of what type of thermometer you need, wireless thermometers have proven to be the ultimate tool in efficiency and effectiveness.  And here’s why the GrillEye is one of the most preferred wireless thermometers on the market.

GrillEye Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer Review

There is a lot of room for mistake when cooking on an open fire. How frequently have you been diverted to something else while cooking something and wound up with a dry, charred, bitter meat or, on the flip side, thought something was already done just to cut into it and discover it has to be cooked longer. A digital barbecue thermometer removes guesswork or presumption from grilling. By making use of a digital BBQ thermometer, you can cook flavorful, juicy meat that is on par or even better than that of your most loved eatery.

Other than cooking juicy and flavorful meat, spread of food borne illness can be prevented by investing in a gri.ll thermometer and keep all your loved ones happy and sound. A few people make use of methods, for example, the poke or finger test, to confirm the level of doneness of meat. In the event that you are not acquainted with methods such as these, the hypothesis is if you thrust your finger into a steak, you can tell how done or cooked it is by contrasting it with the firmness of the meaty piece of your hand at the bottom of your thumb. These methods are archaic and old, and they cannot be relied upon as they are inconsistent, which can cause food poisoning and underdone foods. In addition, for instance, difference meat cuts, there is difference in the way fattier steaks compress on the grill to the way leaner cuts compress. There is just a single exact method for finding out if a meat is done or not, and the answer is a thermometer.

The GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Grilling & Smoking Thermometer is an excellent thermometer. Provided with 2 separate meat probes, this thermometer keeps an eye on the temperature of your food providing a notification to your Smartphone to a scope of up to 100 meter. Apart from the two probes already provided, the unit will give support to an additional four individual meat probes, separately available.

Monitoring the temperature of food in your smoker or bbq or has gone a level up. This thermometer enables you to keep tab on the present and aim cooking temperatures on your Android or iPhone smartphone from as much as 100 meter away. Your preferences required can be set up by downloading the GrillEye application to your smart phones and let the GrillEye do the rest for you.

The clear anti-glare screen of the GrillEye monitor also displays both the current and target temperature using two different LED indicators which will also display if using without your phone. The screen is protected wiht a special polymer coating which keeps the unit lightweight whilst reflecting sunlight, therefore enabling you to easily read temperatures. it has a rotating stand in space grade aluminum which allows for adjustment of the display angle.

Also, the GrillEye has a screen which prevents glare and also shows both the present and target temperature, making use of two separate LED lights which will display also when not being used with your smartphone. A unique polymer coating is used to protect the screen, keeping the device lightweight while sunlight is being reflected, therefore enabling you to easily read temperatures.

The six probe ports in total- 2 individual probes are provided with this unit, providing the ability to multi task your bbq in real time, keeping tab on the cooking temperature of various dishes or the temperature of your smoking section at the same time. The GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Grilling & Smoking Thermometer is made of high quality aluminum, which means the meat probes will survive the temperature in your smoker or your bbq. All of them have a clip for fixing them to your grill. In addition, the probes are FDA approved, for harmless use with our food.

GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Grilling & Smoking Thermometer has a very strong built, and it was obviously made to withstand the rough conditions during smoking and grilling, and at that without losing its high quality style that makes it outstanding in the first place.

The GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Grilling & Smoking Thermometer has a very powerful Bluetooth connection, which allows it to keep temperatures in check from more than 300 feet, with no frustrating disconnections.


  • Powerful range

  • Six Probe ports

  • Dual display of temperature

  • FDA approved.

  • Rugged and elegant design

  • Free app


  • The screen is too dim

  • The screen does not prevent glare

Final Thoughts

The GrillEye Smart Bluetooth Grilling & Smoking Thermometer makes it very easy to set preset or custom temperature timers and alarms. Making use of your Android or iPhone device, you can keep tab on as much as six different temperatures at the same time, be it smoking or grilling. All you need to do is set your preferences and allow GrillEye to perform its magic.