The Best Wireless Thermometers That You Don’t Know About


Wireless is the new frontier.  And every gadget and gizmo is being poked and prodded by scientists and engineers to figure out how to get them wireless.  And even though the task at hand can be a monumental undertaking, it hasn’t prevented thermometers from reaching the wireless promised land.

It can easy to assume that wireless activity is just a marketing effort.  Because is there really a benefit to making everything wireless?  And let’s ponder beyond that rhetorical question and ask, “is there really a benefit to making thermometers wireless?”  And the answer is, “yes.”

Wireless activity requires the transmittal of data from two tangible objects.  So what we seek when taking something’s temperature is the temperature.  And that data can be transmitted from the object taking the temperature, to another device that we use to interpret the data (usually our smart phones).

“But how are you going to put a transmittal device in a human?”  Well, humans aren’t the only temperatures trying to be measured.  There’s meat, pet exhibits, industrial devices, and a plethora of other items that need to be consistently monitored.  Which is why wireless thermometers have proven to be very beneficial in the evolution of tech.

So here are the top 7 wireless thermometers currently available on the market: 

The SensorPush Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer

The common misconception with thermometers is that they are only needed for people.  But here, we have a perfect example of how a thermometer is the perfect compliment for anyone that needs to keep constant surveillance on the atmosphere.  The SensorPush wireless thermometer comes with a small thermometer and hygrometer that keeps a constant reading on the atmosphere it’s placed in.

This can be placed in a refrigerator, in an atrium, inside a cigar room, or anywhere else that needs to be closely monitored.  And then, as long as the user is within 325′ of the sensor, that person an easily monitor the temperature and humidity on their smart phone.

So if you have some bearded dragons, or some crickets that you bought online that need to be constantly monitored, then the SensorPush thermometer and hygrometer is going to be one of the best wireless thermometers for any individual to consider.

The ThermoPro TP07 Wireless Cooking Thermometer

On those big 3 day weekends, someone in the universe of greatness is certainly planning an exciting cookout.  And those cookouts are probably involving some excellent cheeseburgers, hot dogs, spare ribs, chicken, and everything else that was butchered off a slaughtered animal.  But a drastic turn of events can occur when everone flocks to the bathroom after consuming some under cooked food.

But when you’re prepared with ThermoPro’s TP07 wireless cooking thermometer, you’ll be able to socialize without having to fear that your food will be over cooked or under cooked.  Go about your party, and socialize.  Check in on the guests lounging pool side, while you leave the grill unattended.  Just periodically check into wireless monitor, to see up to date actual temperature readings on your food.

This unit not only utilizes wireless technology, but it also comes equipped with additional features that give it advantages over a majority of the competition.  It’s step-down probe allows for better penetration into the meat.  And its splash proof monitor ensures that any hot fat boiling from your meat of choice will not damage the unit.  So not only should this be one of your top cooking thermometer considerations, it should also be one tool that you should not discount when loading up your kitchen appliances.

MorPilot Digital Wireless Cooking Thermometer

The more we research wireless thermometers, the more obvious it appears that they’re most utilized in the kitchen.  Which makes sense.  Because too often, a well prepped meal requires constant monitoring for a few hours.  But few people have that much time to commit towards a meal, which makes it nice to be able to multi-task, and fulfill other commitments, without the hassle of tending to your needy meal.

And the Morpilot instant thermometer helps the user keep those other commitments.  One of the best features that Morpilot has to offer is that you can sync the instrument with your iPhone or Android phone.  This prevents the user from needing to carry around an unnecessary 2nd device, that could easily get lost or damaged.

And in addition to the time-lucrative multi-tasking caveat, you can work with ease knowing that in case this unit has a catastrophic meltdown, you can always take advantage of the 30 day warranty.  But let’s try to be a professional, and avoid any meltdowns, or other thermometer-destroying activities.

The GrillEye Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

The GrillEye Bluetooth thermometer is the interesting, cool new kid on the block.  What makes it interesting is that it uses Bluetooth to attach to your iPhone or Android phone.  And that Bluetooth connection will connect to the GrillEye app, which will then relay real-time information on the temperature of your meat.

Now, that sounds neat.  But it’s not very different than the other thermometers mentioned in this feature.  But what does make it pretty neat is that it has 6 probe ports.  And each port can connect with a probe, which can be connected in 6 different meats.  So if you’re grilling for a party, and you have multiple people with different requests, then you can keep a close eye on each variety, and cook with safety.

And not only can you probe up to 6 different items, the app will alert you when the cooked temperature is approaching, so you’ll know when you have to cut the conversation short.

Additionally, you can get up to 300 feet in range with the GrillEye.  So take your conversation and social skills to maximum skill level, when you demonstrate your multi-tasking skills.

In Conclusion

As mentioned earlier, there are other reasons for needing a thermometer.  And those reasons can easily justify why a wireless thermometer would be the next great technological leap.  So check out the options.  And don’t let your cooking skills fall short due to short attention spans.  And don’t let the humidity and temperature in your bearded dragon’s atrium get too high or low.  And there are many varieties to choose from.  But your selection will depend on which application will suit your current set up.