Smoking Sucks! Unless You’re Smoking Food with These Best Smoker Thermometers


Get Smoked With These Best Smoker Thermometers

Most American’s defer to grilling as the preferred method for outdoor, summer cooking.  And they’re mostly right.  Grilling is one of the most popular cooking methods, and these BBQ cooking thermometers help those grillers reach their desired temperature.  But when it comes time to smoke their delectable meals, the chef will need to consider these best smoker thermometers.

Smoking is an art form.  Cooks and culinary artists from around the world have perfected recipes and the perfect blend of seasoning to master the most succulent cuisine.  But there’s also a science behind all that creativity.  And that science is what makes it different from barbecue grilling.

The temperature shouldn’t be as high as it would normally be for barbecuing.  But you don’t want the temp to get too low so that the food doesn’t cook.  It requires frequent supervision for about 90 minutes.  And it’s critical that that temperature zone stays within the 220 degree F range.  And as long as that’s achieved, the acting chef can sleep easy, knowing that they’ll get the glory for cooking an excellent meal.

But achieving that perfect temperature balance is no small task.  It requires constant supervision and probing.  But luckily. with the advancement of science and technology, we are now endowed with tools that can make our smoking lives easier.  And these tools are thermometers specifically designed to alert you when specific temperatures are met, so that you can conduct a quick change to the settings.

And since you’re now wondering what you can do to achieve these excellent results, here are the best smoker thermometers on the market.

#1. The DozyAnt Charcoal Grill and Smoker Thermometer

smoker thermometer

DozyAnt is Ready and Reliable.  One burdensome feature that doesn’t get enough recognition is how difficult it is to read the actual analogous thermometers.  The tiny numbers, and tiny dials can be eye-straining, especially when you’re operating a smoker.  And although most people simply deal with the discomfort, this DozyAnt product has taken initiative, and offered a large 3.5″ screen.

But even with the enlarged screen, it still might be challenging to see these numbers on the face.  So DozyAnt color coded the range of temperature readings.  So if you’re barbecuing, you’ll typically want the temp to be between 225 and 375.  And this is conveniently highlighted in red.  But since this is a post about smoking, you’ll probably be more interested in the smoking temperature range.  Which fits between the 100 and 225 range.  So no more squinting, even though you’re being surrounded by tasty, flavorful smoke might cause you to squint for other reasons.  Because when that needle points in the color coded area, you’ll know that you’re hitting the proper temperature for your meal.

Additionally, this unit can serve both as a bbq thermometer and a smoker thermometer.  When smoking, the objective is to cook for a longer period of time, at a lower temperature.  So to achieve this, the DozyAny has a section of the interface specifically colored for “smoke” cooking, and the other section specifically colored for “bbq cooking.”  So no matter which type of style you’re in the mood for, the DozyAnt bbq and smoker thermometer will be there to serve.

 #2. LavaLock 3” Stainless Steel Smoker Thermometer

lavalock bbq and smoker thermometer

LavaLock’s Stainless Steel smoker thermometer will most likely outlive you.  And that’s because you’re too busy sucking down tender meat soaked in barbecue sauce.  But none the less, it was a life well lived.

But the LavaLock stainless steel thermometer is the perfect, industrial built smoker thermometer.  It comes built with a heavy duty nut and bolt system, so that any user can adhere it properly to any existing smoker or bbq.

And although these reviews are searching for the best smoker thermometer, it’s easily noticed that this thermometer also has a temperature range for bbq.  The interface is sectioned off, to cater your cooking habits.  If looking to smoke, then the lower temperature range will be your target.  Smoking requires a lower temperature, but more time.  This helps it acquire that flavor and tenderness that every food junkie is searching for in their meat.

So regardless of your mission, bbq or smoking, you can cook with confidence when the LavaLock stainless steel thermometer is bolted firmly to your device.

#3. Char-Broil Smoker Pit Thermometer

char broil smoker thermometer

Not too Fancy, Not Too Dull, Just Right.  Cooking and grilling can be a showmanship’s endeavor.  There’s fire, and fancy tools, and exotic ingredients.  But sometimes, beyond all of that fluff, pragmatic tools will do the most to ensure that the best meal is delivered.

And that’s the case with Char-Broil’s smoker and bbq thermometer.  Just the the DozyAnt, and the LavaLock, this unit comes with the segmented interface, that identifies if the temperature is bbq or smoker worthy.

And keep in mind, that when smoking your meat, the objective is to make sure the temperature is low, and that the time it’s in the smoker is long.  So typically 220 degrees F for about 90 minutes is a good setting.  And if you go above that temperature, then you’re probably looking to barbecue instead of smoke.

#4. OnlyFire BBQ and Smoker Thermometer

onlyfire smoker thermometer

2 For the Price Of 1.  If you’re the type of chef who works with adequate tools, and little flair, then this 2 for 1 deal for OnlyFire’s smoker thermometers should wet more than your appetite.

These double units mount effortlessly to any existing smoker or bbq, as long as the user has a wrench.  And their temperature range makes them perfect for smoking meat, or bbq meat.  So if the chef on hand has the versatility to change his cooking scope of work at the last minute, then these units will serve an excellent purpose.

OnlyFire’s are stainless steel, and can tolerate temperatures as high as 700 degrees F.  Although if you plan on letting any food get to that temperature, then you’re probably not going to have any food left to eat.

But although these units are 2 for 1, and can handle most cooking environments handedly, this unit is missing some features that you can find on the DozyAnt or LavaLock varieties.

The first one is designed smoker and bbq settings on the interface.  This unit is suited for advanced users, who know what specific temperature they’re targeting.  Instead of targeting the one that’s printed on the screen.

Additionally, some users have complained that the Fahrenheit temperatures are difficult to read.  The stainless steel casing overlaps the glass screen, which is where the temperatures are printed.  This makes it difficult for Americans to know the temperature of their grill or smoker.  But Americans can be pretty clueless to begin with.  They did vote for Donald Trump as president.

#5. LavaTools Wireless Bluetooth Smoker Thermometer

lavatools bluetooth wireless smoker thermometer

Now, the typical smoker thermometer is going to be an analogous thermometer.  But, leave it to LavaTools to innovate create.  Their wireless, bluetooth smoke thermometer can sync any iPhone or Android device.

And as we’ve discussed many times before, the benefit of being able to get temperature alerts on your phone is that you can mingle with the crowd while you’re trying to cook that gourmet meal.

And this is extremely beneficial when trying to smoke meat.  Smoking requires a lot of babysitting.  The chef needs to make sure the temperature doesn’t get too hot.  The ideal temperature range for smoking is about 220 degrees F.  If it starts to get too high, then there’s a strong chance that the meat will burn.  And that’s because smoking takes more time than just bbqing.

And this unit isn’t like the other smoker thermometers that screw into the actual smoker.  Instead, LavaTools has placed a magnet on the back of the device, so that it can mount to the smoker.  Then, it comes with some probes that you actually plunge into the meat.  This will provide a more accurate temperature for the meat, instead of the temperature inside of grill or smoker.

Overall, LavaTools has created the best smoker thermometer.  However, it costs a whopping $80.  So if maintaining that social edge at your next party is worth the cost, then you should definitely consider the LavaTools wireless bluetooth smoker thermometer.

Smoking is Bad, Unless You’re Smoking Meat. And These Smoker Thermometers Will Ensure You’re Cooking Perfecto.  So not matter what type of chef you are, there’s a smoker thermometer waiting for your to give it a shot.  And if you’re really a professional, then out of these 5, you’ll have an easy time identifying one of the best smoker thermometers on the market.