Get Your Mits On The SensorPush Wireless Personal Thermometer


SensorPush Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer


        • Pro: Sensor can be placed anywhere
        • Pro: Has a range up to 325 feet
        • Pro: Both accurate and responsive
        • Pro:Sensor can hold up to 20 days of data

The evolution of the thermometer has embarked an incredible journey.  Starting as a simple tube filled with mercury, transforming into digital assets.  And now they’re great pet thermometers, baby thermometers, and even cooking thermometers.  But the evolution did not stop there.

Thermometers have recently started taking the next giant step towards perfection, by adopting wireless technology, and transforming into the perfect personal thermometer.  Wireless thermometers give the users the opportunity to monitor and manager varying areas that rest under their care, without having to be present.  Whether they’re caring for pets or animals, children, equipment, or even monitoring the room’s humidity, wireless thermometers provide a valuable opportunity to be more efficient.  And that efficiency, to monitor temps and moisture levels while being in a different space, gives us a boost in time to pursue greater things.

And the wireless thermometers have reached maximum evolution with the SensorPush wireless thermometer.  The sensor can rest in the refrigerator, a cigar room, near a guitar, or anywhere else.  And the user can monitor the readings from an app on their smart phone.  And this unique setup has made the SensorPush one of the top rated products on Amazon.

And without further adieu, here’s the SensorPush review:

The health of your family depends on right humidity and temperature. A research carried out by the World Health Organization (W.H.O) makes a suggestion that for 1 in 5 sufferers of asthma in the U.S, humidity is his or her core problem. Also, it suggests that there is too much humidity in half of U.S homes, which promotes allergens such as fungi and mites. In addition, it can increase deadly airborne chemicals such as formaldehyde even.

Additionally, dry air is a big problem as well. Viruses increase and more easily spread. Eyes, mucous membranes and skin dry out, which causes discomfort and pain and also increases the risk of being infected. However, human beings can’t sense the air humidity level directly. And with no appropriate monitoring, it is very easy to use humidifiers wrongly, exchanging a problem for another problem.

Your possessions such as pianos, guitars and other tools, cigar humidors, incubators, wine cellars, freezers and refrigerators benefit as well from proper monitoring. Stable humidity and temperature is usually the most essential factor in avoiding irreparable and costly damage.

However, you are very busy, and several of the most essential places are the places you visit least, such as your attic. Normal wireless sensors look promising just until the unpleasant display units gets ignored, and gets missing in the back of the safe.

SensorPush is the solution to all these. The Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer keeps humidity and temperature around your home in check. Therefore, you will get notifications always on the current conditions, thus it is crucial to the promotion of the health of you and your family. It is specially built to capture temperature and moisture and also provide alerts regularly to any kind of smartphone.

In addition, the design of the app is very impressive and superb; a state of the art design was adopted to give it a very beautiful and pleasing appearance.  It easily fits in the palm of your hand, and can even be carried in your pocket.

sensorpush wireless thermometer

The Smart Sensors are very easy to use as they are extremely compact. They are suitable for and compatible with carefully designed mobile applications which make you fall in love with using them, and also need little use. In just a moment or two, a sensor can be connected and you can start getting alerts.

It is up to you thereafter. Provided you love information and data, this application has it wonderfully graphed and exportable even. If not, rest assured. The Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer is monitoring your conditions constantly, even while you are away or sleeping. As soon as you come back, the sensor will send the data to your smartphone and you will be alerted of any problems promptly.

The Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer monitors humidity and temperature around. Therefore, you will always get be alerted of the current condition of your home, and this is a huge plus towards the promotion of the health of you and your family. It is specially built to capture temperature and moisture and provides alerts regularly to any kind of smarphone. Also, it has a very splendid design; a state of the art structure was adopted in the built, giving it a pleasing to the eye look, giving precise accuracy and excellent results.

This thermometer has an outstanding capability to sense its environment. You begin to get notifications on your desired platform as soon as you set it up. It has a very simple setting up process, and as soon as everything is appropriately set, you can begin to get notifications directly on your iPhone or Android.

Also, this wireless thermometer has a powerful wifi range of as much as 350 feet, thus the wireless thermometer will always keep you connected. The advantage of this is that you have the freedom to move freely around your home or business premises, and you need not to worry provided you have a mansion, the wireless thermometer is capable of covering every corner of your house.

And in the event that you are unsatisfied with it, it will be fixed for you or you can get it returned. A lot of people have given positive feedbacks about this sensor for its dependability and excellent accuracy. And just so you know, there was remarkable feedback about the service of the company.


  • A wireless thermometer provides you with a sense of the weather conditions by notifying you on your smartphones.

  • It is easy and comfortable to use.

  • It profits your health.

  • It has a powerful range

  • It is very accurate

  • Free app


  • It drains the battery of the phone.

Overall Conclusion

Certainly, nobody will argue with the importance of a gadget which monitors the humidity and temperature of your surroundings and sends the alerts to your smartphone thereafter. It is very simple and effective, and also saves you a lot of time.