Revieta Digital Probe Thermometer – Accurate but Invasive


Revieta Digital Thermometer with Disposable Probe Covers


  • Pro: Low Cost For Great Quality
  • Pro: Provides The Expected Accuracy of a Probe Thermometer
  • Pro: FDA approved
  • Cons: Probe thermometers are invasive and can be uncomfortable
  • Cons: Not the easiest to use with little kids

Revieta Digital Thermometer

revieta probe thermometer

If you’re looking for a fantastic, digital thermometer with a flexible tip, then Revieta has a fantastic option available. This flexi-tipped thermometer is suitable for a variety of uses, and even better, it’s suitable for people of all ages and even pets if you want to get creative in your applications.

The Good Stuff

This thermometer is accurate, providing you with an accurate reading to a tenth of a degree and it has a color changing screen so you can instantly tell if someone is over 99.5°F. If the screen turns red, you’ll know that action has to be taken.

The flexible tip allows for the thermometer to be used orally, rectally, or under the armpit with minimal discomfort for the individual who is sick. The tip was designed with infants in mind, so it’s small enough for insertion without any discomfort.

The tip cover can be changed out as well, and the Revieta comes with five disposable tip covers from the outset, allowing you to quickly move between people without having to stop and sterilize the thermometer between each reading.

It’s obviously still not recommended to use it rectally between multiple people without fully sterilizing it but it adds a level of versatility when it comes to oral and armpit readings.

This makes it ideal for households with multiple children and you’ll be able to purchase additional tip covers as well, allowing for quick and easy changing and usage. This is especially important when it’s used rectally, as sterilization can be a serious issue for that particular usage.

The whole thing is dishwasher safe as well. Not only does this allow for easy sanitation to get rid of bacteria between uses, it also stands as a testament to the build quality of the entire unit.

It’s fast as well, allow for only eight seconds to hear the beep and you’ll have your accurate reading. Speaking of the beep, most people have found that it’s easily heard so you’ll know when it’s done. The guesswork has been taken out of it, and you can stand by your fast readings with confidence.

The Revieta digital thermometer for fever is simple to use as well. There’s only a few buttons and you’ll be able to easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings depending on your preferred usage.

All of this is available for a fairly low price as well, so even if you’re running a tight budget you can easily add this to your household’s medical equipment.

The thermometer comes with a five year guarantee and purchasing it is 100% risk free. If you don’t like it, return it and you’ll receive your money back with no hassle. Revieta stands behind their product with a lot of confidence, and this can only mean good things in the end.

The Bad Stuff

There’s really not too much to say negatively about this thermometer, but no product is perfect.

This thermometer for body temperature can be a bit awkward to hold for those with large hands. The design is unique, but just doesn’t fit the hand perfectly and it can take a little while to get used to the unique formation of the case.

Eight seconds is fast for a probe thermometer, but it can still be slow if you’re dealing with a particularly fussy child. While most children will be able to sit still for that long, others might squirm it right out of place during the reading. If your child is particularly squirmy, you might want to go with an infrared thermometer rather than a probe one anyways.

As always, there’s some factor of error which can be measured into the thermometer. This is particularly important with infants, where a single degree can mean the difference between an ER trip and a next day doctor’s visit.

That said, it’s one of the most accurate thermometers of its type, just make sure you’re careful when you use it and the readings will remain stunningly accurate.

The single button interface also throws some people off. Rather than having a separate button for switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings you have to hold the button down. This is easily mitigated however, if you read the last sentence then… well, congratulations, you know how to switch the readings.

Overall Conclusion

The Revieta digital thermometer is simply one of the best probe thermometers you’ll be able to find. It’s simple to use, durable, and sure to become a favorite in the medicine bag. Once you add in the disposable tip covers and the color changing feature, you have an error-free, accurate thermometer that will give you fast and accurate readings with no fuss or hassle.

It comes strongly recommended for any home with children or the elderly. It’s risk-free and has a fantastic guarantee behind it’s longevity as well as being cheap, so you have nothing to worry about if you make the jump and buy one.