Preve Non-Invasive Forehead Thermometer



  • Pro: Most Accurate Baby Thermometer
  • Pro: Comes with Fever Alarm
  • Pro: Non-Contact Feature is Perfect for Sleeping Babies
  • Cons: 1% of Amazon reviews gave it 1 star
  • Cons: Some have claimed it to be inaccurate

PREVE® Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

The PREVE non-contact thermometer is an advanced product that will allow you to read temperatures without having to worry about arguing with the person. It’s particularly useful for infants and toddlers, who often reject the notion that they need to hold a thermometer in their mouth and the quick and accurate readings will help you quite a bit in assessing their condition.

The Good Stuff

The PREVE stand above most of the competition, especially at a similar price point, and offers some specific advantages that make it a fantastic thermometer for body temperature in any home.

The main advantage is actually something that not many will consider: it has a memory of the last thirty two readings that have been taken. This means that it will allow you to track the progress of a fever over time and with surprising accuracy rather than having to rely on memory or a pad and pencil.

The LCD screen is clearly lit with a strong backlight as well. Combine that with the silent mode and you’ll be able to check on slumbering little ones without running the risk of waking an already unhappy and ill child.

non invasive body thermometer

As a thermometer for fever it also stands out. The backlight will change color to indicate no fever, mild fever, and fevers over 100°F. This means that you’ll get an extra visual cue to let you know how things are going as soon as it takes the temperature.

It will take readings extremely quickly as well, often in under two seconds.

In addition to being able to tell the temperature of a person it comes with two other modes which most people will find useful at some point.

The first is almost standard on infrared thermometers, it can take surface temperature readings. This can allow you to check on food, or anything else that might come to mind.

You can check your baby’s bath water or the temperature of their milk before you give it to them and avoid unhappy accidents quite easily with this setting. The added versatility will make you happy that you decided to invest in a PREVE.

In addition to that, it can be used to check the ambient air temperature in a room. You can quickly know if your thermostat is working or if things really are hotter or colder than normal by using this function.

For all of the options which the PREVE makes available to you, you’d expect a higher price but it actually ends up being super reasonable.

Overall, this makes it a superior product to most of the competition without costing oodles more. It must be used correctly, of course, but if you can manage that then you’ve got a very nice thermometer in your hands.

The Bad Stuff

Apart from the usual downfalls of infrared thermomters, the PREVE is actually an outstanding example of the class.

The main thing that’s wrong with it is that it can sometimes be a bit inaccurate. This is usually able to be chalked up to user error, however and isn’t anything inherently wrong with the product itself.

Keep in mind that you’ll actually want to wipe the sweat off of the person to be read’s forehead before you use the thermometer. The device actually reads the temperature right above the skin and the cooling layer created by sweat can cause it to give a false negative or lower the perceived temperature by a couple of degrees.

You can also take a reading from the ear if it proves impossible to clear the sweat for long enough to be sure that everything is back to normal temperature.

While the design is claimed to be ergonomic, it can also be quite awkward for some people to hold. Inherent to the way it’s made, it can also slip from the hand and might catch in the “on” position while in a purse or backpack if you’re not careful about how you place it.

Overall, however, it’s one of the best designs available in its class and the pitfall aren’t nearly enough to get in the way of its use in the average home.


The PREVE Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is one of the best of its type.

The multiple uses make it stand out even further. The drawbacks are relatively minor and are pretty much only related to the way it takes its readings. As long as you remember that it reads the temperature above the skin then you’ll be good to go.

If you’re looking for something easy-to-use, safe, reliable, and versatile then the PREVE thermometer might be exactly what you’re looking for at the end of the day. When you factor in that it only costs a small fraction more than most devices in its class it’s definitely a winner at the end of the day.