Make Life Easier With The Best Wireless Meat Thermometer for Smoker


Bringing out the smoker is a common summer ritual.  But one commonly overlooked tool that should accompany every smoker or grill are cooking thermometers.  But there are hundreds to choose from.  Javelin thermometers, wireless thermometers, and infrared thermometers are all common options.  But with the growing trend, wireless thermometers are becoming more and more popular.  So here’s how you can make life easier with the best wireless meat thermometer for the smoker.

The Best Wireless Meat Thermometers for Smoker

NutriChef’s Wireless Bluetooth iPhone and Android Thermometer

If you’re on the prowl for a wireless thermometer that can transmit data directly to your iPhone or Android phone, then NutriChef’s wireless cooking thermometer will surpass all of your expectations.

This sensor has a 60′ range.  So while your smoker’s outside, steaming up some hams, you can mingle with the party so you’re not on lockdown with your meal.  Just download NutriChef’s app, and you’ll be on the fast track to meat temperature monitoring.

ThermoPro TP07 Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer for BBQ Over

ThermoPro is one of the premier wireless thermometer manufacturers.  And their TP07 model exceeds expectations.  With their bright LCD monitor, and programmable interface, you can travel beyond the grill or smoker, and without fear of over cooking or under cooking your meal.

Additionally, they’ve engineered a “step-down” probe that gives the steel probe better penetration into the meat.  And who doesn’t love better penetration?

And you can travel far.  With a 300′ range, ThermoPro has the ability to make you the star of the party, without risking the quality of your meal.  So have not fear, and fire up your smoker and grill for the party.

CDN WT2 Wireless Probe Thermometer and Timer

CDN’s wireless thermometer offers the standard tricks that you’ll find from every other cooking thermometer.  Firstly, it has a respectable range of 100′.  This destroys the lackluster performance of NutriChef’s bluetooth thermometer.  But it is still reasonably shorter than ThermoPro’s TP07.  But nonetheless, 100′ is still a quality distance.

The interface comes with a backlit LCD screen, allowing for easy reading when you’re 100′ feet away.  And the mother board comes pre-programmed with suggested internal cooking temperatures for many of your favorite meats, including rabbit, skunk, possum, and anything else you could find on the side of the road.

Overall, CDN is a solid choice for the price.

Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer

Ivation’s wireless thermometer is a proven winner in the grilling and smoker community.  It offers a range of up to 325′.  This is great for anyone hosting friends and family for an excellent house party.  Because you won’t be strapped to the grill or smoker.  Feel free to mingle and socialize, without needing to be stationed to the equipment.

Additionally, the interface is supported by a backlit LCD monitor, helping the user scope out the internal temperature as it creeps closer to that desired temperature.  And in case the user isn’t familiar with what the desired temperatures are, Ivation’s wireless cooking thermometer comes pre-programmed with a the recommended internal temperatures for each meat.  And when those temperatures are reached, it will release an ear-piercing alert to inform that chef that their food is ready.

But aside from the great news, Ivation’s thermometer has had some negative reporting.  Specifically around the probe.  In some situations, it has been known to break.  And it should be obvious why this is a negative.

Vensmile Wireless Digital BBQ and Smoker Thermometer

We are part of the impatient generation.  And the Vensmile wireless thermometer caters to that impatience by offering accurate readings within 5 seconds.  Too many times, a cooked meal can quickly become over cooked when the wireless temperature is delayed.  So Vensmile’s speed and accuracy can help any host keep that meat cooked to perfection.

Additionally, it comes with a large, LCD screen.  And the mother board is pre-programmed with the recommended temperature for each meat variety.

So no matter what stage you’re in, the Vensmile wireless cooking thermometer is an excellent upgrade to your wireless cooking arsenal.

Famili OT008 Wireless Remote Meat Cooking Thermometer

It’s tough turning your back on a n FDA approved thermometer.  But when that thermometer is wireless, and boasting a 300′ range, any second-guessing is quickly extinguished.  And the Famili OT008 wireless cooking thermometer is one of better smoker and bbq thermometers on the market.

But just like the other wireless thermometers mentioned in this article, it offers an LCD monitor with a backlight.  And not only does it offer a large LCD monitor, it is also programmed with the recommended cook temperatures for each meat.  So while you’re off mingling with the crowd, you can expect an alert when the main course has reached the ideal temperature.

MorPilot Digital Instant Wireless Cooking Thermometer

The market of cooking thermometers is ripe with mediocre cooking thermometers.  And then there are the select few that stand out.  And even those select few stand out, they all still admire MorPilot’s Digital Instant Wireless Cooking thermometer.  And the reason is simple; it’s the best.

Offering 6 different probes, this unit can monitor up to 6 different meals.  Burgers, hot dogs, brisket, steak, pork, poultry, you name it, it can monitor it.  And the wireless information is transmitted to a unit with a large, LCD monitor, that will alert you when each meat has reached its desired temperature.

But not only can the information be relayed to the main hub.  But it can also be relayed to an iPhone or Android phone.  So feel free to mingle and chat it up with the ladies.  Because there’s no need to fear that you’ll ruin a meal when MorPilot wireless bbq and smoker thermometer has you covered.

Overall, there’s a large selection of wireless thermometers for bbqing and smokers.  But no matter which brand or design you select, you can cook in peace, knowing that you’ll be alerted when you meat is ready for action.