Ivation Wireless Extended Range Digital Cooking Thermometer


Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer


              • Pro: Has a wireless range up to 325′
              • Pro: Easy-To-Read Remote Monitoring
              • Pro: Temperature Alerts to Inform the User
              • Cons: Probes have been known to break
              • Cons: Complex interface

Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer Review

If you’ve been looking for a wireless solution to your grilling needs, then the Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer might be exactly what you need. This dual-probe meat thermometer will allow you to check your meat from nearly anywhere in the yard, taking the stress out of cooking and allowing you to mingle freely.

The Good Stuff

The utility of the Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer can easily be seen by most people. You have a dedicated transmission unit with attached probes and a receiver that lets you easily read the temperature in real-time via Bluetooth.

It goes a bit deeper than that, however, since it’s not just a simple temperature checking unit. You’ll also be able to set alarms for fifteen different types of meat and poultry in various states of doneness. You’ll quickly find it to be indispensable for both grilling and dinner parties, allowing you to mingle freely with your guests without having to burden yourself with checking the temperature every ten minutes.

Eliminate guesswork, and get more time to do what you had the party for in the first place. It’s pretty much a win-win.

It will alert you if you’ve been out of range for more than a minute as well, so you’ll know if your unit isn’t giving you a proper reading. It has a range of about 325 feet in optimal conditions, which is sure to work for all but the most massive of yards.

The controls are pretty simple to use for most people.

It’s also dual-probe, meaning that you can take the readings from two pieces of meat at once in order to make sure that you are getting the most out of the unit.

The receiving unit clips to your belt, making the whole cooking thing a hands-off experience at the end of the day. This extra little bit of versatility can make all of the difference.

The probes themselves have 3 foot wires which allow you to get some good distance into an oven or grill chamber. They’re also hybrid, meaning they have a clip which allows you to make sure that your oven or grill chamber is properly coming up to the temperature that you want.

If you decide to make your own settings for the meat or oven, the unit will store them so you don’t have to play with the buttons to get it back to where you want the next time you decide to go for it.

It’s a nice little unit, and it’s sure to make the day of most cooks.

The Bad Stuff

The main thing standing against the Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer is simply the fact that the probes can be a pain. They seem to be fairly generic and whatever factory is producing them clearly has some quality control issues.

The bad ones tend to read high at the very least, and break quickly other times. A pair of bad probes can make the Ivation pretty useless at the end of the day, at which point you may need to purchase more probes.

You can purchase replacement ones, however, and the company seems pretty good at replacing ones that are broken out of the box. This still isn’t something that the consumer should have to deal with, instead the company should probably figure out a way to get better quality control going on them.

The other main problem that people have with the Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer is definitely the interface. It’s simply a bit too complex and cumbersome to be easily used right out of the box, so don’t just chuck the manual if you decide to get one.

People also seem to be under the assumption that the wireless capabilities make it instant-read. This isn’t the case, the temperature will always lag a minute or so behind, so be sure to respond to that alarm as quickly as possible.


The Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer is one of the better thermometers of its type on the market, but it’s hindered by the fact that the company simply refuses to change their probe manufacturer.

It’s useful and versatile, if a bit complex, right out of the box, but a bad probe can kill all of the advantages gained by this and they have a reputation for going out at the wrong time. That isn’t to say all of the probes are bad, just that there’s a chance.

If you’re willing to take a bit of a risk and want an amazing wireless meat thermometer, then you might want to give it a look but those who aren’t willing to chance having to replace probes should probably look elsewhere.