iProven DMT Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer


iProven DMT Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer


  • Pro: Best Baby Thermometer on Amazon – 4.5 star ratings
  • Pro: Satisfaction guaranteed for a full 100 days after purchase
  • Pro: #1 clinically tested thermometer
  • Cons: 2% of reviews gave it 1 star
  • Cons: Some have claimed it to be inaccurate

Here we have a thermometer that’s gaining a lot of attraction in the personal care segment of thermometers.  iProven is owned by an investment firm from the Netherlands, but they do have a business location in Beaverton, Oregon.  Not that location matters (as long as it’s from Earth), but what’s more impressive is their dedication to quality control for their products.  Their thermometers have proven to be so effective that Amazon has ranked their DMT Medical Forehead and Ear the #1 selling ear thermometer, and it currently boasts a 4.5 star rating out of nearly 1300 reviews.

But aside from those Amazonian accolades, iProven put a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction, with their 100/100 policy.  But all this means is that you’re guaranteed to be satisfied 100 days after purchasing the DMT thermometer (or any other body thermometer), or iProven will give 100% of your money back.  So, when you see guarantees like this, it’s always alarming to wonder what happens on the 101st day?  To be continued I suppose…

But back to the program.

What’s great about the DMT Medical Forehead and Ear thermometer is that it offers great, accurate readings.  The challenge with electric thermometers is that they aren’t nearly as accurate as their mechanical colleagues (think Mercury thermometers).  And the way electric thermometers work is they utilize a metal conductor.  And when that conductor comes in contact with a human body, it reacts.  And depending on the temperature of the body, it could have a high reaction, or a low reaction.  And the lower the reaction, the higher the temperature.

Basically, electrical currents work most effectively in cold environments.  So when a person’s body temperature reaches a higher temperatures, the electrical current from the thermometer doesn’t travel as smoothly as it would with a colder body.

And consider how electric thermometers work, it’s no surprise that there’s historically been a wide range in results.  And when your baby or toddler is screaming bloody murder, it tends to be detrimental to get the most accurate results.

body temperature thermometer

Clinically Proven Body Temperature Thermometer

Another wild claim that the DMT can take credit for is unmatched performance and revolutionized calibration technology.  The iProven maximizes groundbreaking technology that allows its temperature to remain accurate for much longer periods, compared to other digital thermometers.  And because of the heralded accuracy, the DMT has become the most commonly used thermometer in hospital settings across the universe.

And in addition to its uncontested accuracy, it also offers a simple interface.

iproven thermometer

It keeps things simple with only (2) buttons:

  • Head – this is the button you’ll press before placing the thermometer onto the forehead of the specimen.
  • Ear – this is the button you’ll press before place the thermometer into the ear of the person.  But be careful not to pierce the tympanum.

And that’s all there is to it.  No dial buttons, or timers.  It’s just one or the other, which helps the user make accurate decisions when trying to diagnose the individual.

But regardless of this circumlocution of accolades, it’s important to take into account the other dynamics and features that presses this thermometer to the peak of its industry.

Thermometer Ergonomics:

When dealing with tempermental children, it’s important that there is no awkward motions or movements.  And with iProven’s DMT thermometer, it offers a comfortable, relaxed grip, so you’re not forcing the thermometer into the temple of the child.  This also helps when trying to measure through the ear.

Overall, iProven’s DMT 489 is an excellent option, providing accurate readings while still being very easy to use.





iProven DMT Forehead & Ear Thermometer
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