Hot Thermometer Scholarship

– Scholarship Contest Info

Here at, we pride ourselves in our scientific tools and research.  And We want to share our experience and knowledge with some of our most widely used tools: thermometers.

We are a team of five scientists, engineering, and lab experts who are active in our fields, and want to share our expertise and experiences with others that share the same interest and passion.

We are committed to providing support to our readers, which is why we would like to invite you to enter in our annual scholarship contest.

We are constantly looking for the latest news and technology in the temperature gauge community. The contest articles could be published to our website for our readers to see, and the writer will receive a $1000 scholarship to aid in their STEM participation, research, and secondary education.

There are no application fees to participate.

– Terms of Participation

You will be required to do research and complete a 1000 word essay on one of the following topics:

Topic 1: A new temperature-reading technology

Topic 2: The advantages of human vs. robotic administered thermometers

Topic 3: The role of a industrial thermometers in a manufacturing environments

Topic 4: Engineering tools that can’t be automated

Topic 5: Theories to improve existing Thermometer models

Topic 6: How to improve the usage of pet thermometers

Topic 7: Bring your own ideas

Your article must be properly sourced and will be checked for plagiarism.

By submitting your essay, you are giving permission to post it on our website. Please be sure to properly title your essay, with subheadings, and include your name at the top of the essay.

– Who can apply?

To participate in this scholarship contest, you must be enrolled in a school or college/university. You must be 18 or older to participate.

– Submission

After choosing one of the topics listed above and completing your 1000+ word essay, please send us an email using the following these steps:

1. Send use your thesis to

2. Enter your name, followed by “Scholarship contest” into the Subject Line.

3. Copy and Paste your essay into the message block. *Be sure to include your name and thesis Title in the message block as well.

If you have any other questions, please email us at

– Deadline, Selection, and Notification

The last day that you will be able to submit your essay in order to be eligible to participate in our scholarship contest is September 30.

Our committee of 5 scientists, engineering, and lab experts will begin reviewing submissions after the deadline.

The winner will have their submission posted to on the website, and will be contacted via email once the results have been announced. The winner will be chosen on October 30th of each year.

Once we have chosen a winner, we will send the $1000 scholarship.

– Privacy

We will keep all of your personal information private and it will only be used for scholarship contest purposes. We will not share your information with any third parties.

By submitting and essay to our scholarship contest, you give unlimited licensing rights to parts or all of your article. The author will be given credit if their essay is used in any way.