Ghost Hunting Isn’t Just for Drunks. Here are 5 Thermal Cameras for Ghost Hunting.


We often do things that we need to keep to ourselves. And those private things may not be the most wholesome activities. But when we’re hunting for ghosts, it’s less that the activity is wholesome, and more that the activity is just fucking crazy.  And for those of us that like to get drunk and embark on some wholesome ghost hunting, here are the 5 best thermal cameras for ghost hunting.

Ghost hunting can be a serious activity.  Or, it can be recreational.  But regardless of your motives, when you’re searching for paranormal activity, you’re going to need paranormal equipment to help you find that activity.  And one of the best pieces of equipment will be thermal imaging units.

Thermal imaging units use the power and sensitivity of germanium lens, and the power of high frequency heat sensors to catch the heat profile of the surrounding areas.  And these heat profiles are invisible to the naked eye.  And so are ghosts.  Which logically concludes that ghosts can be seen by thermal imaging units…

But which thermal imaging unit will serve our purposes?  There are a few factors to consider.  What size do we want?  Some units are compact, and can be attached to a smart phone.  While others are fully hand-held units.

And what type of display will we prefer?  A unit that offers a wide field of vision?  Or something that’s nice and compact for a disturbed house hold?  I think the obvious answer is a wider field of vision, but there’s an additional cost for that upgrade.

And do you want to share the horrific images you’re seeing?  If so, then you shouldn’t consider a monocle imager.  And instead, look for a unit that has a full screen.

But regardless of the details of your operation, there are many other criteria that you’ll want to consider.  So without further adieu, here are the 5 best thermal cameras for ghost hunting.

#1. Flir’s C2 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera Offers A Bigger Screen With The Same Reliability

When traditional thermal imaging cameras are too bulky, the Flir C2 is compact enough to fit in your shirt pocket.  And since you’ll probably be weighed down by your home-made Proton-Pack, it’s better that you operate with an easy to manage thermal camera.

And the Flir C2 is as good as it gets.  With a 45° field of view, you can scan any room, without being blind-sided by a defensive poltergeist.  And not only will you enjoy the wide view, but the image will be enhanced with deep details because of the MSX technology.

The MSX technology enhances the images with details, so you can make out the contours of what heat signal you’re actually picking up.  So if  that ghost has a face, you’re going to see his face.

And the touch screen has unique capabilities that allows the user to switch on the flash, and take dual photos, one for thermal and one for standard.

And after you’ve captured your poltergeist images, you can download them onto your laptop.  Scan through your reports, and localize the heat source.  That way, you can easily find the ghost that is haunting your home.

#2. Seek’s Thermal Reveal is a Dedicated Thermal Imaging Unit for Those Dedicated to Purging their Possessed Homes

Seek’s innovation can’t go unnoticed with its smart phone thermal camera adapters. But their stand-alone devices offer more power and thermal precision.

With 36° of wide field view, any user that’s gazing through this looking glass will have a simple time finding any potential poltergeist.  And it’s powerful sensor allows the user to see not only the thermal output, but also the details in the images its capturing.

And when you’re lurking in the dark for the invisible perputrator, then you can hunt happily knowing that there’s a mighty LED light on this Seek Reveal.  Hence the name Reveal.

Overall, this is an exciting and friendly unit to hold.  It can discover the ghosts that you’re looking for, and help show you the way when you’re hunting in the night time with its powerful LED light.

#3. Flir’s Pocket Size Thermal Imaging Monicle is Excellent For Any Ghost Hunter That Wants to Act Like a Pirate.

Flir’s the world’s leading thermal imaging manufacturer. And their Scout TK is the most practical thermal monocle for ghost hunting.  With ghosts, you never really know what you’re going to get mixed up with.  And sometimes those ghosts will require a variety of thermal pallets to identify them.  So Flir’s Scout comes with 5 different pallets.  So you can flip through a variety of visuals, to ensure you’re properly prepared to view a ghost.

But not only will you get a variety of pallets, you’ll get 9 Hz of thermal frequency reception.  So even if that ghost is emitting low levels of thermal radiation, Flir’s Scout will be strong enough to absorb the lowest radiation levels.

And although this unit is spectacular, and manufactured by one of the most promising names in thermal imaging, it might not be the best unit for ghost hunting.  Firstly, most ghost hunting occurs in homes.  And in these homes, long, scopes might not serve as the best equipment.

Additionally, most people aren’t ghost hunting alone.  And therefore, they’ll want to share a screen with their fellow-ghost hunters.  But with the Scout, it’s for 1 eye only.  And although that might be fine if you’re ghost hunting in the woods, and trying to spot of invisible action from far away.  But when you’re confined to the close proximity of a room, then you might want something that handles close range objects alot better.

#4. The Seek Compact is a Perfect Ghost Hunting Thermal Imaging Companion That Adapts to Your Smart Phone.

If your Proton Pack is weighing you down, then the last thing you want is another big piece of equipment. So Seek’s Compact thermal smart phone adapter is the tool for every optimally equipped ghost hunter.

Affordable, and easy to apply. Seek’s Thermal Compact Pro is perfect with the Smart-Phone savvy ghost hunter.  With smart phones becoming more practical with not only recreational reasons, but for occupational, the Seek Thermal Imaging attachment can transform your phone’s HD camera, into a thermal imaging camera.

Seek has created a variety of attachments.  But the Pro is the best variety, due to more resolution and detail.  And not only will it capture better pictures with it’s thermal imaging component, but it will also take enhanced photos, so that you can create a better presentation.

Offering a 320×240 thermal sensor, Seek’s camera can capture the details that you’d expect from a thermal imaging camera.  Especially when it costs $500.

And because this is a serious camera, you can adjust the emissivity level as needed.  So the user doesn’t need to worry about false readings.

Overall, with the excellent interface, and smart phone compatibility, Seek’s Compact Pro thermal imaging camera is an excellent option for anyone looking to improve their ghost hunting capabilities without being weighed down with too much equipment.

#5. The Pulsar XQ23v is The Most Detailed Thermal Imaging Scope for the Serious Ghost Buster

When your ghost hunting business starts to turn a profit, then you might want to consider an equipment upgrade. So the Pulsar XQ23 is the thermal imager you’ll want to upgrade to.

Firstly, this Pulsar XQ23 can read up to 50 Hz of frequency.  Which is a huge amount amount compared to the Flirs or the Seeks itemized in this list.  So no matter how low key that ghost is, Pulsar’s XQ23 has the technical capacity to find it.  And if that ghost likes to move fast, then it can still be spotted with the high frequency levels.

And not only with the frequency give you the winning edge, but the build in range finder will allow you to hunt from a distance.  So when that ghost is 100 yards away, you can still stalk him, knowing that you can infiltrate his location without giving up your location.

But even though the Pulsar XQ23 is an astonishing piece of equipment, it might not be the best piece for every application.  Since it is a single scope, this would be better suited for ghost hunts that occur in the middle of the woods, or an open field.  And it probably wouldn’t be a good piece of equipment inside of a congested home.

Additionally, the price is another barrier to entry.  Costing well over $1000, you’ll have to pony up a lot of capital if you plan on expanding your product line.  Otherwise, you might have to consider one of the other 4 thermal imaging cameras in this list.  But if you do end up selecting the Pulsar XQ23, then you can at least have solace knowing that you’re using a well engineered piece of equipment.

Overall, hunting for ghosts isn’t entirely insane. There’s very good reason to believe that we’re being haunted. And there’s very good reason to believe that these thermal imaging cameras will help us identify the purpose of their possession.

But where you are hunting, and what you are hunting for can alter your decision on which product to select.  And then there’s also how much you’re willing to spend.  Are you just getting drunk with your friends?  Or do you have a very legitimate operation?  Because depending on which camp you rest in will determine which product line you’ll want to choose.