Famili OT008 Wireless Digital Meat Cooking Thermometer 2017


Famili OT008 Wireless Remote Meat Cooking Thermometer


      • Pro: Comes with a 300′ Wireless Temperature Range
      • Pro: Comes with a built in alarm
      • Pro: FDA approved
      • Cons: Some customers have claimed only ~ 150′
      • Cons: Some people have claimed inconsistent results

Famili OT008 Kitchen Thermometer Review

The ability to barbecue without having to stand over the meat the whole time is truly a wonder of the modern age. The Famili offers a lot of utility on a small price point, and might be exactly what you need to spend more time with family and friends at your next food-centric gathering.

The Good Stuff

Run the probes to the meat from the transmitter, grab the receiver, and walk away. That’s what this product offers, and since the message will send up to 300 feet it gives you quite a bit of time to get away from the barbeque and mingle.

It’s also handy if you’re cooking a roast or other large piece of meat in the oven. Stick the probe in and you can wander the house freely without having to worry too much.

The receiver has a belt clip as well, so you needn’t wander around with it in your hands looking lost. You can set it to alert you to either time or temperature, and you can also save settings if you find yourself cooking the same things time and time again like most of us do.

Want to sit down? No problem, there’s a pull out stand as well so you can keep an eye on things while you’re away.

The thermometer is accurate to within a couple of degrees, so it’s not perfect but it’s definitely good enough to keep your meat where you want it whether it’s rare or well done at the end of the night.

The wires for the probe are 40” so you’ll be able to use it pretty much anywhere you might find yourself cooking and with a 6 ½” probe it’ll definitely be able to handle even the thickest cuts of flesh without much of a problem.

The probe’s needle tip also bears some exploring, it’s thin enough to not let the juices leak out of your meat while it’s cooking, keeping everything nice and succulent for an impressive finish.

The LCD screen even has a backlight for when you’re cooking in low-light conditions, no need to go turn on the porch light if you’re enjoying the sunset. It also flashes when the alarm goes off, giving you a visual indication as well as the audio indication and making sure you notice that it’s time to stop the meat cooking and get to carving.

It’s also available at a bargain price, so it should be able to find a good home with anyone who enjoys their meat cooked to perfection.

The Bad Stuff

There’s not much wrong with the OT008 in and of itself, but it has some serious liabilities compared to a lot of similar thermometers.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it only has one probe. This is fine if you’re cooking tri-tip or a big pork shoulder but if you’ve got a variety of people who like their meat at different levels of being cooked then you’re not looking at the best thermometer for your usage.

Some people have also complained that the receiver can be a little bit temperamental. This can be problematic if you’re not checking it often, since the meat can become overcooked while you’re socializing if you don’t notice it’s become disconnected.

The controls aren’t exactly intuitive either. You’ll need to spend some time messing with this one in order to make sure you know how it works, this isn’t a big deal for most people but the instructions are kind of sparse.

The construction quality isn’t exactly fantastic either, it feels cheap in the hand and like it wouldn’t be able to take much of a fall. That said, you get what you pay for in this department and for those who are careful with their products there’s not likely to be a problem.

Some users have also complained about quality control on the probes, the company is quick to fix any issues but if you get a stinker right before a big event you’re not going to be too happy.


If you want a cheap thermometer with wireless capabilities for the occasional big, slow-cooking piece of meat then the OT008 is a fantastic addition to your toolset.  However, if that price tag still makes a little too unattainable, then browse for some Amazon coupons to see if you can increase your savings. It’s pretty much ideal for roasts, tri-tip, and other large chunks of meat where simply judging how they’re cooked by the outside or time taken can lead to it being over or undercooked.

If you want something which is amazingly precise or will allow you to virtually automate a smorgasbord for friends and family, however, you’re going to want to invest a little bit more cash and go with something else.

Essentially, it’s great for large, single pieces of meat but it’s not really going to make your quality of life skyrocket if you’re in the habit of cooking a whole bunch of things at the same time.