Consider these Probe Character Thermometers for Kids



      • Pro: Fun Animal Molds For Kids
      • Pro: Provides The Expected Accuracy of a Probe Thermometer
      • Pro: FDA approved
      • Cons: Probe thermometers are invasive and can be uncomfortable
      • Cons: Not the easiest to use with little kids

RMS TH-88013 Tot Temp Thermometer Review

The RMS TH-88013 Tot Temp is a great idea, while it lacks a lot of the advanced features you’ll see in thermometers it has one unique feature: it’s cute. It may not seem like much, but most parents know how much easier it is to distract children with something colorful and pretty and when it comes to taking their temperature it might just be one of the best ideas yet.

The Good Stuff

When you’re looking for a thermometer for fever, it’s unlikely that aesthetics are at the top of your list of required qualities. You might be overlooking something vital, however, by ignoring this.

Kids like to chew on toys. The TH-88013 looks like a toy. This might mean that it’s easier to get a child to hold it in their mouth for the required amount of time, although it’s definitely not a guarantee.

This probe thermometer comes in four different variations, each with a different bright color and an animal head on top of them. Pink and yellow will give you a goofy looking cow, green allows you to have a frog and its front arms, and blue is a cute little teddy bear. They’re all goofy enough in their own way.

Apart from the unique look, it’s also a perfectly decent probe thermometer of course, although it lacks some advanced features.

It will read easily in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, which allows you to make sure that you can use your favored reading when time comes to take temperature.

It takes a fairly accurate temperature as well, reading to within 0.2°F and 0.1°C. You’re in good hands with this perfectly acceptable margin of error.

It also has an automated shut-off which turns the thermometer off after a while if you forget to turn it off manually. No need to worry about setting it down and losing the entire charge in your batteries.

There’s also a special deal running which will allow you to mix and match the thermometers and purchase more than one for a small but considerable discount. This can come in handy and if you have multiple children you can make sure that each has their own.

While it lacks most of the advanced features some people keep an eye out for, you’ll find that it does have a single temperature memory. Since probe thermometers for body temperature tend to be fairly accurate, this will quickly let you know if the heat is rising or falling.

The whole thing is also covered by a two year warranty from the manufacturer. This will cover it in case something is truly wrong and allow you to get it replaced.

The Bad Stuff

Unfortunately, cute doesn’t always make up for everything and there’s some considerable drawbacks to this thermometer that you’ll want to consider before you decide based solely on the look.

The thermometer takes a considerable amount of time to take a temperature reading, somewhere in the range of twenty seconds. That’s a long time to handle a squirming child if the cartoon animal on the end doesn’t keep the child pacified.

Some people have also had problems with the temperature reading being outside of the range claimed by the manufacturer. This doesn’t seem to be inherent to the design, and truthfully probe thermometers are pretty much fool proof.

This means it’s likely that there’s some quality control problems. Considering the simple injection molded case and the low price, this really isn’t all that surprising but you’ll definitely want to keep an extra thermometer around to make sure that the one you receive is accurate enough which is a bit of a hassle.

It also lacks sounds and any of the nice features which most of us have come to expect from a modern thermometer. This means there’s no alarms, limited memory, the screen won’t change color or give any indication of a fever except for the temperature, and all of that cool stuff you’ll find in a more expensive product.


If you get a good one, then you’re probably going to be sitting pretty with the Tot Temp. It’s not perfect, but it’s a passable thermometer and a great way to get kids to sit still and keep it in their mouth for a cheap price. The main problems here seem to stem from quality control rather than the design itself.

It’s something of a gamble, kids will love it but you won’t know if you’re going to have to use the warranty or not until you end up with yours in your hands. The price is right, however, and you might want to give it a shot if you’re having a lot of trouble getting your child to use standard probe thermometers. Just tell them to focus on the frog, cow, or bear and you might be able to pull off a miracle.