Get Accurate Results From These Top Rated Personal Probe Thermometers For Children


Probe thermometers are the most common personal thermometers on the market. They are simple to use, and don’t require any foreheads or ears.

But one of their biggest trade offs is that they can be uncomfortable and they could take a few more seconds to deliver the temperature readings.  Now, that isn’t to suggest that they aren’t reliable, because they definitely are.  In fact, the FDA has approved a handful of probe thermometers for their accuracy.  And, most hospital grade thermometers are probe thermometers.

But the reason they’re not not recognized for their accuracy is because rectal thermometers take the thrown for being the most accurate.  And the reason is pretty simple.  A rectal thermometer can capture the internal temperature of the individual.  Now, a probe thermometer can certainly be used as a rectal thermometer.  However, many of these thermometers are expected to be used multiple times.  And I don’t believe anyone wants to use rectal thermometers more than once.

But probe thermometers are much more accurate than no contact thermometers.  They typically capture the temperature from the armpit, or the mouth.  And although these locations won’t provide the accuracy that one can acquire from the butt, the user can still expect quality results from the other ends.

And since there is an abundance of personal probe thermometers on the market, here’s a quick guide on the 5 best selling and performing thermometers currently available.

#1. IlifePlus FDA Approved Baby Probe Thermometer

ilife flexible personal probe thermometer
FDA Approval should be a top priority when considering your child’s health.  And knowing that iLifePlus’s probe thermometer has been nominated with this top credential should put and doubts to rest.

This probe thermometer offers fast results, so there is little the child won’t have to suffer through too much discomfort when this thing is shoved in his or her armpit.

And not only is it accurate, but it offers a flexible tip.  So if the user is in a situation where he or she has to maneuver the probe into a tight or uncomfortable area, they can maneuver with confidence knowing this flexible tip can gain access almost anywhere.

Additionally, to accomodate this units durable exoskeleton, it is also water proof.  So if the best opportunity presents itself when your baby or child is taking a bath, then probe confidently, knowing that this unit is water proof.  And that it will not get damaged if it submerged under water.

#2. iProven’s Best Selling Probe Thermometer

iprovoen personal probe thermometer
I don’t think it’s possible to have a top 5 personal thermometer discussion without mentionioning iProven.  iProven has created some of the most innovated children’s thermometers. And their best selling probe thermometer is no exception.

Firstly, it’s fast as f*ck.  Whether you’re probing this unit into a child’s armpit, or his or her rectum, know that you’ll get your results in 10 seconds.  Which is great for the child, because I imagine getting probed is highly uncomfortable.

And it’s also accurate.  As we discussed earlier, probe thermometers are more accurate that infrared thermometers.  And this thermometer is highly accurate, which is the trade off for being so invasive.

But testers have confirmed that this unit is as accurate to the 1/10th of a degree, which is pretty phenomenal.  So not only will you get you get great results from iProven’s personal probe thermometer, but you’ll also get fast results.

But none of the should come as a surprise, knowing that iProven is at the helm of innovation.

#3. Every Child’s Favorite Cartoon Probe Thermometer

animal thermometers
Sometimes a cartoon can calm a child down. And these cartoon thermometers might just be the trick.  They have rubber heads, which might also serve as a nice chew toy, assuming that your child thinks he or she is also a dog.

But aside from their appearance, they offer decent performance.  A reading can take up to 20 seconds to compute.  Comparatively, this is very slow to everything but your hand.  However, considering the cute cartoon on the end, your child might not mind 20 seconds of discomfort.

But aside from the slow results, it does come with a fever monitor.  Meaning that if the temperature reading hits a specific temperature, it will alert the parent or guardian.

Additionally, in case you’re a science wiz, the interface can easily be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius.  But aside from these minor features, this probe thermometer is kind of gimmicky, and better options are available.

#4. Kinsa’s Smart Stick Is The Slickest Probe Thermometer

kinsa smart stick digital thermometer for kids
If you want to get technical, Kinsa’s smart probe thermometer is one of the most high tech thermometers available.  This great device compliments the complete human overhaul towards the smart phone.

Basically, Kinda’s smart stick probe thermometer can be plugged into any iPhone between iPhone 4 and iPhone 7.  Then, the user has to download the Kinsa app.  And once the probe and phone are synced, the only thing missing is the person with the aching fever.

Use the probe as you would with any other personal probe thermometer.  And within 10 seconds, the app on your phone will alert you the temperature that your toddler is registering.

Aside from the cook functionality, there have been some complaints that the unit doesn’t hold up very well to the grind of being a parent.  So although it’s’ spunky and trendy, you might want to tread with caution, and consider one of the better rated, and more traditional probe thermometers on the market.

#5. Welch Allyn’s Hospital Grade Probe Thermometer

welch allyn personal probe thermometer
If you have the cash, and you don’t want to mess around with your baby’s health, then drop the money on this hospital grade thermometer.  If you’re like me, then every time you go into the doctor’s office, or the hospital, I always look at the equipment, and wonder how I can get my hands on those top of the line devices.  And then I remember that hospitals typically have millions of dollars to spend.  And comparatively, I have a very very very very very very very small fraction of that.

BUT, if you do have the cash on hand, then consider Welch Allyn’s hospital grade, personal probe thermometer.  One of the largest benefits is that it has disposable probes.  Which means that you can use those probe sticks in any orifice, knowing that you can dispose it for a fresh one.

Aside from that, and the large LCD screen that the others don’t offer, Welch Allyn’s is just above and beyond the other probe thermometers.  It gives fast readings, and it’s very durable.

So although it’ll cost a pretty penny, this is above and beyond the best thermometer available on the market.

In conclusion, probe thermometers have their purpose. They are typically inexpensive (with the exception for Welch Allyn’s thermometer), and can offer the best accuracy.   And although accurate, the trade off is that they can be uncomfortable for the end user, and it may take a few seconds longer to get the temperature readings, compared to non contact thermometers.  But overall, for anyone who’s shopping on a budget, but still wants a top performing thermometer, these personal probe thermometers will fulfill all of your expectations.