Ditch the Probe. Here are the 5 Best Forehead Thermometer Reviews for Kids


Forehead thermometers are trailblazing the way for easier child and baby care. No more prodding your sick child, or poking an ill little person. Because when you utilize the power of these best forehead thermometers, then you can operate with confidence, knowing that your child is happy and healthy.

Probe thermometers are the most popular thermometers on the market.  They are inexpensive, with many costing less than $5.  But one of the major draw backs is that probe thermometers are uncomfortable.  Sure, it sounds like a great idea to get the most accurate results.  But at what cost?

Probe thermometers need to be inserted in places like the mouth, armpit, or even rectum.  And not only are they inserted in undesired locations, but they can need as long as 20 seconds to compute a temperature.  So if it’s any indication, imagine having a thermometer shoved up your butt for 20 seconds.  And then imagine the alternative of having your temperature taken from your forehead.  I know which option I’d chose.

But forehead thermometers have been available for so long that scientists and engineers have honed down the wide range to be nearly as accurate as probe thermometers.  But what’s even greater with the improved accuracy is that there isn’t a trade off.  Because these forehead thermometers perform the way we desire them to: retrieve information in less than 5 seconds.

So because forehead thermometers are noninvasive, inexpensive, fast, and accurate, they’re one of the most popular tools in any parent’s tool box.  And here’s our 5 most recommended forehead thermometers on today’s market.

#1. Withing Thermo Smart Thermometer is the Forehead Thermometer of the Future.

Withings Thermo has the thrills and accuracy to become the tech-generations next great thermometers. The Withing Thermo Smart Thermometer is the forefront of the thermometer revolution. By using Hot Spot Sensor Technology, Withings Thermo’s Smart Thermometer has the tenacity to collect accurate readings, without having to touch the epidermis of the person.  And less skin contact, the less likely it is to contract germs from a previous user.

But not only is this revolutionary smart thermometer sanitary, it’s also highly accurate.  The artery in the forehead is one of the best external locations to get temperature readings.  And Withings Thermo then relays that information to their smart app, which the user can then use to monitor the condition of their baby or child.

And just like the other apps, Withings Thermo gives the user the chance to record the results, so that the parent can compare previous data.  Additionally, the app will offer fever feedback, and suggestions on how to care for your sick child.

#2. iProven’s DMT Forehead Thermometer is the #1 Clinically Tested Product on the Market.

This video isn’t very inspiring.  So don’t let their poor creative skills reflect on their ability to engineer a sufficient forehead thermometer.  iProven has a proven history of manufacturing excellent, reliable products. And this forehead thermometer is no exception.  One feature that many parents don’t consider is keeping their thermometer calibrated.  If their device gets out of sync, then its readings can be off by a mile.

In addition to the precise calibration, iProven’s forehead thermometer has been exposed to rigorous testing.  And all that testing has awarded it with FDA approval.  And although parental approval his highly sought, FDA approval is just as worthy, giving parents a strong vote of confidence.

And although its advanced calibration metrics, and FDA approval make this unit sound intimidating, it has a simple to use interface.  Either press the “ear” or “forehead” button, and use the device as intended.  And within a few seconds, you’ll have your temperature.

And the preprogrammed fever alerts come in handy, when you’re unsure if a certain temperature is safe or dangerous for a child.  So no matter the situation, iProven’s DMT has put it in consideration, and will provide you with the information that you need to so that you can make an informed decision.

#3. Zoe+Ruth Has Engineered This FDA Approved Thermometer for Kids.

This video doesn’t do the Zoe+Ruth thermometer justice.  But getting FDA approval is a challenging task. But any forehead thermometer earning that promotion is worthy of being considered.  The FDA has found great reason promote the Zoe+Ruth thermometer, due to its heralded accuracy, and fast results.

Once this forehead thermometer comes in contact with a forehead, there will be 1 second delay until the readings are displayed on the bright, LCD screen.  And that 1 second turn around time can be critical in a moment of panic.

But it also has the accuracy of an archer.  Due to the increased fibers in its sensor, the Zoe+Ruth thermometer has unparalleled accuracy.  So you can breath easy knowing that the information you’re being fed is trustworthy.

#4. 1byone is a 5 Star Forehead Thermometer apporved by the FDA.

1byone is a parent favorite, and has earned a 5 star review.  It’s ergonomic design makes it easy for any parent to handle.  But most importantly, it makes it easy on the children receiving the treatment.

By simply pressing the end of the thermometer against the child’s forehead, the 1byone forehead thermometer will display an accurate reading within seconds.  So there’s no lost time between taking a child’s temperature.

Additionally, 1byone has an interactive display.  If the temperature reading is rising to dangerous levels, it will beep and flash red, to alert the parent that the temp reading is at a dangerous level.

And not only will it do its part to keep you informed, but it will also store the previous 20 readings.  So if you’re trying to track the progress of your child’s health, you can retrieve the previous readings.

But not only can you expect accuracy and fast readings, but it’s hygienic.  So there’s no need to worry about spreading diseases from one forehead to another.

#5. Morpilot’s Forehead Thermometer is As Innovative as its Cooking Thermometers.

Morpilot is known for their renowned cooking thermometers. And that innovation has seamlessly transferred into its children’s thermometer division.

Their design is ergonomical.  And their performance is fast and accurate.  So no matter how many times you feel it necessary to take your child’s temperature, you can do so knowing that it keeps your comfort in mind.

The fever alarm will alert the user if there’s a temperature threat boiling inside the child.  And it will also store many of the previous readings, so that you can look back on the child’s progress.

And although the Morpilot forehead thermometer is an advancement in technology, it’s still easy to to care for with the packaging.

The verdict’s in.

Forehead thermometers make it infinitely easier to take your child’s temperature. What was once a common challenge, fighting with an ill child, and forcing them to take a probe thermometer in the armpit, is now as simple as pressing any of these top rated forehead thermometers onto their forehead.

And if you’ve looked over all 5 products, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of similarities between them.  And those similarities are due to the fact that many parents have come go agree that these performance features are critical when caring for a child.  So no need to worry when choosing any of these top performing forehead thermometers.  Because any one of them will serve you and your child well in a moment of fear and sickness.  And they’ll ultimately assist you and your child to get back on track and into a happy and healthy rhythm.