Finding the best Bluetooth meat thermometer is no easy task. With the advent of technology, and the continuous evolution of thermometers, each passing day brings up a new, innovative thermometer that has only made the previous thermometer innovation look antiquated.  

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But that shouldn’t stop our quest from discovering the best Bluetooth meat thermometer.  And why shouldn’t it stop us?  Because perfecting our grill skillz, or becoming the neighborhood’s smoker Sulton is something that every chef, novice or amateur, is trying to maintain.

And when we come across new-age, high-tech devices, that are designed to prevent or atleast limit performance error, then we’re going to pursue those opportunities full-heartedly.  And there’s no difference when looking for the next great thermometer.

So here’s a master list for 2017’s sizzlin’ summer cookout.  Each wireless thermometer was hand picked to represent the top 5 cooking thermometers.  And without further adieu, here are the 5 best Bluetooth cooking thermometers on the market:

#1. the iGrill2 Bluetooth meat thermometer is simplifiying the cooking world.

If you have the cash, then this top ranked cooking thermometer could be yours. But for a hefty price.  The iGrill2 Bluetooth cooking thermometer has been one of the best selling devices.  And for good reason.

Firstly, this Bluetooth thermometer can relay temperature readings up to 150 feet away from the meat.  Now, that might sound like overkill for a bachelor inhabiting a studio apartment.  But for the sociallites, that are throwing massive parties every weekend, then 150′ of freedom is beyond adequate.

It used to be that a party host would have to baby sit the cooking meal, so that it doesn’t overcook or undercook.  But now that iGrill2’s Bluetooth thermometer has caused a crater the size of Antarctica in the cooking thermometer market, there’s much more freedom for the chef to mingle.

Additionally, the iGrill2 comes with 4 separate meat probes.  Which is handy.  Because you’re probably a show-boat, and will want to cook 4 different types of meat during your extravaganza.  And you can insert each probe in a different type of meat, and monitor all of them so you can remain the master of the grill.

And no need to constantly keep track of your phone.  Because iGrill2’s app will send you an auto-alert to inform you that food is done.

So although the iGrill2 is priced higher than the other thermometers on this list, it’s for good reason.

#2. MorPilot’s Bluetooth meat thermometer offers dual probe, and dual success.

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Morpilot makes renowned products. And their cooking thermometers are no exception.  Their self proclaimed Candy thermometer, is a wireless cooking thermometer, exploiting the greatness of Bluetooth.  And greatness relays the cooking temperatures from the thermometer device, all the way to your Morpilot app.

The app is pre-programmed with 11 different meats.  An each one of those meats is set with the FDA’s recommend cooking temperature for each meat.  And when that temperature is reached, the app will disrupt your important conversation, with an ear-piercing alert.

But since you like to cook to the beat of your own baster, you probably want to venture off with your own preferred temperature settings.  And Morpilot’s app allows you the flexibility to reset the device.

And since cooking 1 meat at a time isn’t enough for a pack of carnivorous, you can rest easy knowing that you can cook 2 separate meats.  And that’s because it comes with 2 meat probes.

So although it’s not as equipped as the iGrill2, you’re still getting a great value for your money with Morpilot’s Bluetooth cooking thermometer.

#3. Ivation’s Long Range Bluetooth thermometer gives you the chance to cook meat from another dimension.

So no every cooking thermometer is perfect.  And although this post is advertised as offering the 5 best Bluetooth cooking thermometers, this only thing this unit is good at is disappointment.

Aside from the pretty appearance, and the long probes, the unit feels a little cheap.  The probes aren’t the strongest, and the connection between the wires and the probe is a little flimsy.  But also be sure to never get any water on the wires or the connections.  Because if you do, Ivation’s cooking thermometer will become pretty drunk and pretty useless for the a few days.

But aside from the wires and probes, the interface is a little temperamental.  And the instructions offer no help.  So if you’re a tech nerd, then maybe spending 2 hours playing with the interface is a welcoming experience.  But for others, with too much to do, and not enough time, we’d rather not be wrapping our head around the complexities of a budget meat thermometer.

Overall, this isn’t the greatest unit.  But if you’re an occasional chef, it should work fine, as long as you don’t get water on it.  But if you’re a routine cook, then you’d probably want to consider a ThermoPro unit.

#4. The ThermoPro TP07 has a nearly perfect rating for a wireless cooking thermometer.

The TP07 put ThermoPro on the map with its nearly flawless wireless cooking thermometer.  ThermoPro should be handed an award for their durable and industrial thermometer designs.  Oh wait, they were handed an award!

But one of the best features is that ThermoPro offers a life-time warranty, on all of their thermometers.  Sure, this may not be that big of a deal for a $30 item.  But it’s a strong testament, suggesting that they definitely stand behind their work.

But the designs take extra comfort and usability into consideration.  Firstly, they use a “step-down” probe.  Which means that it’s slightly bent at the end, so that it can have an easier time penetrating the meat.

And once the meat is penetrated, there won’t be any issues syncing the thermometer unit to the receiver.  Because both devices are synchronised at the factory where ThermoPro creates them.

And once the units are operating, just let them know what type of meat you’re cooking.  Because the device will automatically alert you when it’s ready to eat.  So no more overcooking or under cooking.

And that’s what makes this, and every other ThermoPro unit so great.  Because they put the customer first, and consider them with every twist and turn.

#5. And for the advanced chef, there’s the ThermoPro TP20, which offers extended Bluetooth capabilities.

But if you’re a serious chef, and want an upgrade from the TP07, then ThermoPro’s TP20 is a bolder wireless cooking thermometer, with all the right moves.

It offers the same support and customer-oriented design.  No need to sync the thermometer with the receiver, because that’s done at the factory.  And no need to remember all the different temperatures for each different meat, because they’re already pre-programmed into the device.

But the key difference between the TP20 and the TP07 is that the TP20 is pre-programmed with specific FDA recommended temperatures per thermometer.  This gives an aspiring chef a distinct advantage, knowing that what they’re cooking will always be cooked the proper temperature.

But overall, here’s another example of why ThermoPro creates come of the best Bluetooth meat thermometers.

The Verdict’s In…

After reviewing these 5 common Bluetooth meat thermometers, it’s easy to see why they are so common on the market.  They all make cooking easier.  And they make it easier to multi-task, but not having to be locked down to the stove.

But not only do they make cooking easier, they also help progress the design and evolution of thermometers.  So although many of these, especially the ThermoPro units, are revolutionary, they won’t be so revolutionary in a few years.  And that’s because something greater will be trailblazing its way to the top of the product-watch list.

But nonetheless, these units have proven their worth.  And they have proven that they serve a vital purpose in anyone’s life that finds themselves cooking pretty frequently.