These BBQ Thermometer Reviews Will Help Dad Conquer The Grill


Here’s 5 BBQ Thermometer Reviews That’ll Ease The Pain in Your Life

BBQ thermometer reviews are almost as critical as the thermometers themselves.  Because when it comes time to throw down a rack of ribs, or a mean veggie burger, it’s critical that the grill master knows his meat’s internal temperatures.

But with all the varieties available on the market, how can any one person make an informed decision?  Between the wireless meat thermometers, to the probe thermometers, to the javelin thermometers, there’s a surplus of choices.  And many of them are tolerable choices, while a select few of them are exceptional.

But which bbq thermometers are exceptional?  Well, we’ve performed a platitude of reviews to help you wade through the excess, to discover which bbq thermometer will be the best tool in your cooking tool box.

1. ThermoPro TP08 Digital Kitchen Cooking Thermometer

Hopefully, the name ThermoPro doesn’t dissuade you.  Because it’s going to get mentioned a lot on this list.  But for good reasons.  And that’s because ThermoPro is one of the top bbq thermometer manufacturers on the market.

And although they offer a number of units, their TP08 unit is one of the best reviewed bbq thermometers.

When you’re trying to throw a party, but also grill some excellent people chow, things can get a little hairy.  But when the TP08 comes with a wireless remote, which can be fed accurate readings for up to 300′ away.  So feel free to mingle, knowing that your gourmet brisket is getting cooked to perfection.

And although well designed, ThermoPro thermometers aren’t always indestructible.  But that’s why ThermoPro offers a life-long warranty to back up their thermometers.  And the TP08 is no exception.

The one draw back is the price.  $45 is a a hefty price to pay when there are more affordable bbq thermometers on the market.  But if you’re looking for an user-friendly, wireless thermometer that will let you free-range your home to pay attention to your guests, then the TP08 is a great unit.

2. NutriChef’s Wireless Bluetooth iPhone and Android Thermometer

Now here’s a bbq thermometer review that can gratify the tech-happy Android and iPhone users.  NutriChef’s wireless Bluetooth thermometer utilizes tech evolution to transfer temp readings from a stainless steel probe, all the way to your smart phone.

The probe is a 6 inches of solid, stainless steel that can penetrate any type of slain meat.  And when that probe reaches a specific temp, the sensor will wirelessly transfer the temperature data to your smart phone.

One draw back, however, is that its range is only 60′.  Which may sound like a lot.  But when you compare it to the previous bbq thermometer, you’ll see that it gets smoked in the competition from the TP08’s 300′ range.

3. Alpha Grillers Javelin Meat Thermometer

BBQ thermometers don’t always have to be wireless.  Sometimes, the layman just needs something that is simple, and easy to use.  And these basic, watered-down thermometers will often get referred as javelin thermometers.  

If you know what a javelin is, then you’ll understand the history behind the name.  But just like many items, there’s a sea of javelin thermometers on the market.  And it’s difficult to know which one will retrieve the greatest bbq thermometer review.  But Alpha Grillers stepped up to the plate, and provided with an excellent option.

Firstly, it’s fast.  In about 4-7 seconds after probing your meat, you’ll get instant readings.  No need to wait for an analogue thermometer to rotate its hand.  But this is a digital thermometer, which calculates its temperature from the thermal radiation that is reflecting from the meat.

Alpha Grillers also has a splash proof body, just in case your testing some broth or coup.  But in addition to everything, there’s a lifetime warranty.  So no matter how reckless or careless you are, you can cook knowing that you’re accidents are backed with a warranty.

4. ThermoPro TP07 Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer for BBQ Over

Was it mentioned that ThermoPro would be a common name in our bbq thermometer review post?  Because if it wasn’t, then you should read the 1st thermometer recommendation.

But ThermoPro’s TP07 is very similar to the TP08.  However, the only difference is that it’s slightly smaller.  It offers the same range and functionality.  So if you’re hosting a party, you can wander up to 300′ away from your meat.

And it’s still a wireless thermometer, meaning that it will alert you wirelessly.  But it differes in size and price.  So if you’re looking at the TP08, and thinking that that it’s a little too high end for how you intend on using it, then the TP07 is going to be the optimal thermometer for you to consider.

5. TOP SELLING Barbestar Digital Cooking Thermometer

Now, up until now, the bbq thermometers appeared relatively modern and innovative and stylish.  The Barbestar, on the other hand, looks like something you’d find in the toy aisle of a picked through department store.  But don’t let appearances fool you.  Because although it looks like it has Fisher-Price DNA, it’s actually one of the top performing bbq thermometers on the market.  And for good reason.

It’s mother board is pre-programmed with meat settings.  Just let the unit know if you’re cooking pork, or chicken, or beef, or squid, and it’ll alert you when you’ve reached your desired temperature, it’ll release the sounds from hell to alert you that the meat is finished.

It’s fast and accurate, providing readings in as little as 5 seconds.  And it comes with many other similar features that you’ll see in the other thermometers posted.  But one of the best features is its low price of $14.  So if you’re looking for something a little inexpensive, then give the Barbestar Digital Cooking Thermometer a gander.

To Conclude our BBQ Thermometer Reviews…

There’s a whole ocean of thermometers to choose from.  And not all of them are designed for bbqing.  Some are designed for personal use, while others are designed for industrial use.  Be no matter the intentions, thermometers have a practical purpose in our day to day lives.  And the more they’re incorporated, the more likely our quality of living will also increase.