Ambient Weather WS-8600 Weather Station Clock


Ambient Weather Station Temperature Clock


              • Pro: Offers outdoor temps & barometric pressure
              • Pro: Over 250 Ambient Display Colors
              • Pro: Battery Powered & AC Adaptor
              • Cons: Cluttered Display
              • Cons: Small Buttons make adjusting settings difficult

Ambient Weather WS-8600 Thermometer Review

If you’re looking for a desktop readout that will give you all the bells and whistles you deserve, the Oregon Scientific RAR213HG Thermometer might be one of the best investments you can make. You can take multiple readings from different areas, and receive a variety of useful data with a single device.

The Good Stuff

This little baby does pretty much everything you need a thermometer to do. The LCD display is easy enough to read for pretty much anyone, but the cool part comes with the included app. You can remotely receive readings on both indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity levels from five different sensors.

The versatility of the device makes it great for those monitoring growing conditions or other areas where there is a need for precise monitoring.

The included app works with both Android and Apple devices as well, so you can hook the device up to Wi-Fi and receive your readings from pretty much anywhere.

There’s an amazing array of sensors available for this product. They range from normally useful things like indoor/outdoor, to more niche sensors for things like hot tubs. Since you can hook up five, there should be enough there to cover pretty much anyone’s needs at the end of the day. There’s even one which will give you your area’s forecast for the next twelve hours or so.

The sensors can be read from a range of up to 150 feet, making it ideal for smaller homes with a lot of areas to monitor.

The thermometer unit itself has some pretty cool features as well, including a “freeze warning” which will begin when the temperature falls to 36°F. The backlight of the LCD will flash to draw your attention, and allow you to cover valuable plants or make plans for when the freeze actually hits. Those with gardens with delicate plants will be quite appreciative of the features included in this one.

The LED backlight makes it easy to read in the dark as well. It might not be a vital feature, but it’s definitely something you might be able to appreciate once in a while.

The Ambient Weather WS-8600 will also keep a daily high/low log so you can know just how hot or cold it got in the area where it was setup. This is good both for keeping tabs on things, and for when you’re away.

In addition, you can get a lot of valuable information from the seven days that each sensor will keep logged at all time.

If you’ve got use for a remote thermometer and humidity sensor, this one makes for a great solution.

The Bad Stuff

Unfortunately, there’s also some pretty major drawbacks to the unit. Or rather, there is one major drawback to the unit and it’s related to the best feature: the app.

Many people have claimed there are a ton of different problems with the app. These range from not receiving real time information to actually having the whole thing lock up within a day of syncing the app and gadget. This can limit its usage quite a bit, although it doesn’t eliminate it entirely.

This means that while the device does give you a whole bunch of information, and log a lot of it, that the remote feature is unreliable and you might not be able to get information when you need it the most.

Some folks haven’t even been able to get their device and the app to sync properly which makes the remote feature pretty much useless for a lot of people. It also seems that many of the sensors that Oregon Scientific says are coming out are stalled in production, they simply can’t be found yet even when you go directly to the manufacturer.


As a weather station and clock, the Ambient Weather WS-8600 stands head and shoulders above the competition, but as a remote device its use is questionable. Both problems with the app and problems with syncing are extremely common and if you’re only looking for a remote device then this probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

If you want a capable weather monitoring thermometer with an easy to read display and the ability to read multiple sensors, however, it’s quite useful and might just be worth the investment.