Wow! Here Are 5 Affordable Baby Thermometers Under $5


Children and babies are a wonderful addition to any growing home. They’re cute, and adorable, and can instantly put a smile on anyone’s face. But all that joy that they bring comes at a cost. Because children and babies quickly increase the cost of living in any home. So to help those growing families, here’s a list of 5 affordable children and baby thermometers for under $5.

But before we get into the meat and potatoes of this post, let’s preface this slur of words  by stating that these thermometers are dirt cheap.  I understand people can find themselves in hard times, and that if these are realistically your best options, then we’re glad that these are here for you.

But aside from necessity, this is no award winning selection.  You won’t find anything that’s convenient, or non-invasive.  Because everything on this list is either a probe, or some weird strip that might be holistic.  And as everyone is aware, holistic remedies are simple forms of amusement.

But all of these thermometers are under $10.  And that’s inexpensive.  If it’s possible to pork-together $20 or $30 of disposable income, then some seriously great, no contact thermometers can be acquired.

However, when times are tough, coming up with $20 can be a landmark event.  And if you’re struggling with a child battling a fever, then you can rest easy knowing that these top 5 affordable thermometers have your back.

#1. GAOCold Flexible Forehead Thermometer Strip – $1.87

forehead thermometer strip
This flexible forehead strip will take you back to the days when technology was in its infancy.  According to the instructions, this thermometer simply needs to bend across the patient’s forehead.  The temperature from the patient will cause the strip to change colors beneath the corresponding temperature.

Admittedly, I have never tried this.  It feels too gimmicky, or holistic.  So I’m not sure it would even work.  However, the product does confirm that it would offer accurate results.  So even though it’s offers that affordable price, I think I’d pass on it for the simple reason that it appears to use “magic” to acquire its results.  And when you compare the price for these strips to the price tag for the digital probe thermometer that’s next on the list, I think you’ll easily move on.

#2. BravoDeal’s Digital Probe Thermometer for Children – $1.99

best affordable thermometers
Probe thermometers are one of the best thermometers any parent can use for children.  It’s inconceivable to be using anything other than a digital thermometer in the 21st century.  And the only reason those thermometer strips were mentioned were because they were sort of neat looking.

But let’s move on to some serious, low-priced thermometer action.  And those can start with BravoDeal’s digital probe thermometer.  This unit is the typical probe thermometer.  it has a simple interface, and offers quick results.  And the accuracy is much greater than the thermometer strips.

So although this unit won’t give you the wow factor that you’d get from a wireless thermometer, you can still rest at night knowing that you’re getting accurate results from a proven probe thermometer.

#3. Leezo’s LCD Digital Pacifier Thermometer – $2.89

pacifier thermometer
For fussy babies, a digital pacifier thermometers is the best course of action.  It’s still considered a probe thermometer.  But there’s really only one orifice that you should insert this device.  But aside from how adorable a baby looks with a pacifier, this unit can also be beneficial by providing an accurate reading.

However, it should be mentioned that although this device is worth considering, it does have an extremely delayed response time.  Clocking in at 3 minutes, this unit far exceeds the typical reading of about 10 seconds.  And although this unit comes in at under $3, if you can cough up $6, then you should consider upgrade to a pacifier thermometers that’s manufacturer by a better company.

#4. Dixie Ems Digital Probe Thermometer with Buzzer – $4.03

dixie ems digital probe thermometer
Now we’re starting to get into the high dollars.  At $4, this probe thermometer offers the usual services that you’ll see in any probe thermometer.  Quick time, accuracy, and affordability.

However, this device takes its services 1 step further by offering an alert system.  One of the most inconvenient features for any thermometer is when it doesn’t alert the user that it’s finished.  But theis Dixie Ems Digital Probe Thermometer comes with a buzzer.  So when it finally hits that point of no return, then can know when it’s time to remove the thermometer from the patient.

#5. Safety 1st’s Self-Proclaimed Gentle Rectal Thermometer – $4.99

Rectal thermometers are the most accurate thermometers available. But trying to get a baby or child to accept one is the biggest challenge.  But aside from the challenge, this Safety 1st unit comes with some specific design features that tries to increase the level of comfort.

Firstly, it only takes 8 seconds to record a reading.  So that’s only 8 seconds of discomfort that your child has to sit through.  Secondly, unlike a typical probe thermometer, this device is actually designed only for rectal use.  So the probe unit is slim and slender, making insertion easier on the person on the receiving end.

Conclusively, affordable thermometers may be some of the best values any parent can find. And the assurance they provide is invaluable, knowing that your baby or child is healthy and happy. But as we reviewed these affordable thermometers, it should be pointed out that you get what you pay for. And sometimes spending a little extra, to reduce the struggle to a challenging situation can be worth the additional cost associated with that reduction.

One of the most noticeable observations is that all of these thermometers are pretty invasive.  And the more invasive a thermometer, the more uncomfortable it will be for the end user.  And not all children are easy, and some might make it nearly impossible to record their temperature without putting up a fight.  So there are ear thermometers, which inserts a nipple in the child’s ear for fast recordings.  And then there are forehead thermometers, which just touches the child’s forehead and offers a reading in about 3 seconds.

And then there’s the infamous no contact thermometers.  These devices are only infrared thermometers.  But they are great when dealing withe scrappy children.  But again, there’s that trade-off.  Because these infrared thermometers aren’t nearly as accurate as these affordable probe thermometers.  And the reason is simple: internal body temperature can be more accurately computed from the inside of the body.  And these no contact thermometers are using infrared signals to detect the thermal radiation emitted off the person’s body.

So there’s that.

But again, you get what you pay for.  And what you’re paying for with these affordable thermometers are accurate probe thermometers that may no offer the comfort your child wants.  But they will offer the assurance that you need to know that you’re receiving accurate information.