These 5 Smart Thermometers Are Changing and Improving the Way We Care For Kids


Thermometers have joined the tech revolution, and made great strides in evolving from tubes filled with mercury, into electronic devices that take advantage of thermal radiation.  And a smart thermometer takes advantage of smart phones, and apps, and helps parents and guardians make informed decisions on how to care for their children.  

No contact thermometers, ear and forehead thermometers, digital probe thermometers are all advancements from the primitive thermometer days.  But those thermometers, although better than their predecessor, aren’t close to being a perfect product.

They can still be invasive, uncomfortable, and inaccurate, leaving much room for improvement.  But although these thermometers aren’t perfect, they have still made caring for children easier, which is to suggest that our tech efforts have gone in the right direction.

But some features that are missing are wireless data transfers, smart phone integration, and professional care-giver communication.  Wireless data transfer is important to get the thermometer’s readings onto your smart phone.  Your smart phone has a lot of capabilities, and once that information is there, it can use that information to help you make informed decisions.

And each device needs an app.  Not just to display the temperature, but to also offer insights and suggestions on what to do to keep that temperature down, and what it means when your child has a reading that high.

But professional communication is one of the most important.  If your child’s temperatures are reaching unbearable levels, it’s critical to know that through that smart thermometer’s app, you can relay that information to a health care specialist, so you can get their professional, case-by-case input.

And all of those advancements are present in each of these smart thermometers.  So here are 5 of the smartest thermometers available, to help sustain your child’s health and happiness.

#1. Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer for Baby, Kid and Adult

This smart ear thermometer will keep you alerted through your smart phone.  Kinsa has become a pioneer in the smart thermometer frontier.  And you’ll see there name mentioned more than once in this list of smart thermometers.

But their first mention is for their smart ear thermometer.  The ear thermometer can retrieve temperature readings in 1 second.  Their interface is simple to use with only 1 button.  And then the temperature reading is instantly displayed on the interface.

But the innovation comes when that information is transferred to an app on your smart phone.  Using bluetooth technology, the temperature is relayed to Kinsa Smart Thermometer app.  And the great features of the app is that it will store the temperature information for that individual.  If the temperature reading concerning, then the app will offer advice on how to treat your child.

Should your child take medicine?  This will alert the user if the child should take ibuprofen.  Or should the child see a doctor right away?  This will alert the parent if the child should see a physician immediately.

#2. Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer 

Kinsa also makes an intelligent smart stick. Which acts as a probe thermometer. Which means it’s the best.

As we’ve mentioned in practically every baby thermometer post, probe thermometers are going to offer the most accurate results.  However, the trade off that improved accuracy is that they are slow to get you details.  And the Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer is no different.

After you offer your child the smart stick, you’ll get readings in about 10 seconds.  10 seconds isn’t a lot of time, but in the world of thermometers, that’ll get you last in the race.

But Kinsa makes up for it by combining their smart thermometer with their award winning app.  Just like with their ear thermometer, the results will be relayed to the user’s smart phone (except through a USB cord, instead of a wireless transfer).

But once that information is relayed to the app, you can customize the results, by including other symptoms, so that their smart app can offer insights on what steps you should take to ensure your child’s healthy and happy.

#3. TempTraq Wearable Smart Thermometer

TempTraq is a wearable thermometer that constantly monitors sick children, and alerts you when their temperature is climbing.

And what makes this device so smart and practical is that monitoring temperatures in children is a constant, on-going activity.  And it’s not a fun one, because if that temperature continues to go higher and higher, then there could be serious, life-threatening side affects for the baby or child.  Although no contact thermometers are becoming more accurate, they still require the parent or guardian to take measurements multiple times throughout the duration of the illness.

With TempTraq, that need for constant monitoring becomes a much less hassle.  By pressing a patch near the child’s armpit, the parent can receive minute by minute readings on the child’s temperature.

This way, the parent can monitor the child, and still let the child remain in his or her bed.  And incase the temperature begins to get too high, the TempTraq app will alert you on what steps you should take to ensure the child’s health and safety.  And you can even submit the results to your pediatrician for their input.

#4. Withings Thermo – Smart Thermometer 

Withings Thermo has the thrills and accuracy to become the tech-generations next great thermometers. By using Hot Spot Sensor Technology, Withings Thermo’s Smart Thermometer has the tenacity to collect accurate readings, without having to touch the epidermis of the person.  And less skin contact, the less likely it is to contract germs from a previous user.

But not only is this revolutionary smart thermometer sanitary, it’s also highly accurate.  The artery in the forehead is one of the best external locations to get temperature readings.  And Withings Thermo then relays that information to their smart app, which the user can then use to monitor the condition of their baby or child.

And just like the other apps, Withings Thermo gives the user the chance to record the results, so that the parent can compare previous data.  Additionally, the app will offer fever feedback, and suggestions on how to care for your sick child.

#5. Fever Scout, soft, wearable, Smart Thermometer

No need to be a helicopter parent when you can strap a smart thermometer to their arm pits.  Fever Scout utilizes a colorful Temperature patch.  This patch keeps minute-by-minute track of the child’s temperature reading.  That temperature reading is then relayed through BlueTooth technology to the Fever Scout app.

The app is also programmable.  Set it up to give you alerts when the child has reached a specific temperature.  And when that temperature is reached, you can act accordingly so that your child will not feel harmed.

And not only is the app programmable, but it will also offer suggestions on what type of care you child needs, depending on his or her symptoms.

Overall, the Fever Scout is an excellent smart thermometer that works with your smart phone, to help every concerned parent keep constant track of his or her child’s well being.

Smart devices are the rage. And for good reason. And that rage has helped the thermometer evolution, by transforming them from mercury filled glass tubes, into fast computing, accurate, non-invasive temperature reading devices.

So although there’s a generational divide between the elders, suggesting that technology has deteriorated our social values, many would suggest otherwise.  By helping to improve how we care for our children, to make our doctors and physicians more involved with the health of our children, we’re helping to improve the overall health and well-being fur the future generation.

So avoid the fuddy-duddies, and embrace the new and improved smart thermometers that help improve how we care for babies and children.