The 5 Most Affordable Baby Thermometers


Baby thermometers have received some of the most technological advancements in the field of scientific instruments.  Instead of relying on a glass tube filled with the neurotoxin mercury, we can now accurately get our temperatures with non contact thermometers, instant forehead thermometers, and instant ear thermometers.

But with all of these advancements, one can expect that there’s an increased cost with these top performing thermometers.  But contrary to what most advanced tech suggests, these baby and children thermometers are actually pretty affordable.

So without further adieu, here are the top 5 most affordable baby thermometers on the market:

Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer – $31.99

Sitting pretty with a pretty big price tag compared to the oral thermometers, Innovo’s forehead and ear thermometer has a lot more to offer than just a probe solution.  With the ability to capture in-ear temperatures, you can capture your data confidently, knowing that you’re getting a more accurate reading than if you were shoving a probe under your child’s tongue.

But sure, $32 is a lot for a thermometer.  And at this price range, you’re probably desiring some more in return than just fancy packaging.  Well Innovo’s top selling thermometer is FDA approved, and can give you readings with in a few seconds.  So if you’re dealing with a chronically squirmy child, then test easy knowing that this thermometer will justify its higher price tag.

Metene No Contact Digital Thermometer – $29.99 

Now, thermometers have advanced so much that they are able to calculate thermal readings without making any physical contact on a body.  What they use are concentrated lasers that can detect the level of thermal radiation off a person or body.  And the benefit of this is that they can detect the temperature of a sleep body.

And if you’ve ever dealt with sick children, then you might know that using a non contact thermometer is an ideal solution.  But the thought of something so advanced and futuristic may seem expensive.  But Metene’s no contact digital thermometer actually comes in at a very affordable price of $30.

But sure, this is expensive compared to the probe thermometers you shove in your child’s mouth.  But think of all the freedom and thermal accuracy you can retrieve without have to wake up the sick child.  The possibilities are endless with the Metene No Contact Digital Thermometer.

iLife’s Digital Probe Thermometer – $11.99

No contact and ear and forehead thermometers are the rage right now.  But if they’re a little our of your price range, then iLife’s digital probe thermometer is an excellent downgrade.  It offers instant accuracy, while remembering your previous readings.  So if you’re keeping track record of your child’s health, then you can rest easy knowing that you can review previous readings.

Additionally, it comes with a nice large LCD screen that will show you large, bold numbers.  So if squinting and wincing are habits you like to avoid, then iLife’s digital probe thermometer will serve those efforts well.

Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer – $10.49

This isn’t your ordinary thermometer.  It’s not technically a probe, but it does sort of service like a probe thermometer.  Now, although this has a friendly price, it comes off as a little gimmicky.  I’m not sure that this will be the best thermometer to use in the long run, because I have a hard time imagining anyone older than 2 wanting to use this.

But if you have a pacifier-obsessed child, then this may be the best way to take his or her temperature.  It’ll easily convince them to hold the item in their mouth, which will comfort them, and give you readings all at once.

So although it appears to be a novelty item, you may get some service out of it, depending on what your situation is, and what type of child you’re rearing.

Probe Thermometers with Character Faces – $8.99

Now these may also appear like novelty items, similar to the pacifier thermometer.  But with the lowest price tag out of all the baby thermometers, there’s no reason why you can’t consider it.  Especially if your child is intolerant to any other type of thermometers.

These character thermometers are mediocre performers.  They serve their purpose, and can get you in the range so that you can make an informed decision to help your spawn.  However don’t be surprised if the fun animals turn your temperature-seeking mission into a game, when the constantly try to play with the characters.  But looking at the price tag, it’s certainly worth a shot.

Overall, these are the most affordable baby thermometers on the market.  There are certainly other options and manufacturers available, but each one of these comes with enough positive reviews and recommendations that they are all worthy of consideration, regardless of which style of thermometer you’re looking for.  So as always, shop savvy, but also shop with intention.  Because that’s how you’ll find the best tool to service your ailing child.